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Guest Post: Five Benefits of Learning from Home

By Mummysspace @mmeeee
We live in a society that centers on success. Whether you measure that success in terms of wealth or happiness is down to individual opinion but it’s more than likely that one part of your particular equation for success will include secure employment.
A job, career or vocation is bound to play a significant role in your life; if merely as a means for making a living. These days however it’s far more likely to constitute more than that to many people. We often define ourselves by what we do and yet so many of us are unhappy in our work. We no longer feel content to merely earn, we want to love what we do for a living too.
For many though, the thought of changing direction and setting course for the career choice of their dreams may be too overwhelming and daunting a prospect. Most of us have financial and familial commitments and the fear of disposing our steady and safe source of income in favour of pursuing a passion may be a step too far.
There is a solution to this stasis however, which makes the prospect of career retraining far less overwhelming. A provider such as ICS Learn can help make the leap of faith a little less gigantic in the form of distance learning – but what benefits does this option provide?

1. You’ve got nothing to lose

Although you may be required to pay a fee for your chosen course, studying for a qualification by distance learning enables you to retain your current employment. You’re not required to attend a formal institution and as such are still able to keep your hours of work. This vastly reduces your personal risk factor and if your bid to gain new qualifications doesn’t quite work out, then at least you’ll have the personal reassurance of having given your dream a go.

2. Choose your own curriculum

ICS offers a vast range of courses to suit every individual. You’ll be able to pick a suitable subject and entry level, which has potential to lead to higher qualifications in your chosen field.

3. You’re not tied to a timetable

Distance learning allows you to pick and choose when to study. Life has a habit of getting in the way of even the best laid plans, so the option to learn at your own convenience is invaluable; particularly considering that most of us have myriad commitments to meet.

4. Cut back on costs

Learning from home means that you won’t need to arrange additional childcare. This is a costly commitment and is often a logistical quandary when considering whether you can embark on furthering your education and attaining your employment goals.

5. You won’t be out on a limb

Contrary to the method’s moniker, you won’t be left languishing at a distance. Providers such as ICS offer learners support and feedback every step of the way to help ensure you gain the qualifications you need to be successful in the career you crave.
~ This is a guest post on behalf of ICS Learn
*Disclaimer: I received a payment for publishing this guest post. 

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