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[Guest Post] designstILes: Gifts for the Birthday Girl

By Erika Brechtel @smallshopstudio

Please welcome Irene of designstILes!

Today is actually the big day, and I can I just tell you how fun it’s been to “celebrate” this week with ALL of you?! I could lie and make it sound like I’m so organized that a birthday-themed week was exactly what I had planned. But truthfully, the generous and talented guest bloggers this week picked the post ideas themselves, and haven’t they all been so fantastic?

No less fantastic is our always hi-larious and hi-style friend Irene of designstILes — who seems to knows me REALLY well despite the fact we haven’t yet met (resolving this next month, with our friend Sabra — watch out blogger world!)…

So happy to be guest posting for Erika on her actual day of birth. Let’s sing for her. You start.

Whether you’re new to Erika’s blog or have been a longtime follower, I’m sure it didn’t take long to recognize her affinity for boho/glam/70′s inspired interiors and fashion.

“That Girl” ‘s got a great eye and I’ve compiled a gift guide of things I think she might like to receive on her birthday, even if it’s just virtually.

[Guest Post] designstILes: Gifts for the Birthday Girl

Top left is a zexy croc candle Erika might find useful to display on her coffee table. Another coffee table possibility is a bone tray. Simple and chic. If you follow Erika on Twitter, you’d know that she was tempted to splurge on some Louboutins. How ’bout the neutral ones I picked for her? They have a bit of that 70s platform and I’m sure they’ll remain a staple. No need to pay me back. A pretty necklace from the Boho queen herself, Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow. The 1973 Gucci mini leather bag is on my wishlist, but I’m giving it to Erika. How soon can I borrow it? An hermes scarf to wrap around her head (or not) for these last days of summer, in colors suitable for fall.

Hope your day is as fabulous as you, if not more.

Happy Birthday!

image via paulozelinsky

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