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Guest Post: 10 Amazing Ideas That Will Make Your House Awesome

By Robin Salvador @vinzsalvador23

Awesome interiors need not be limited to your holiday resorts and spas alone. With some tweaking here and there, you can very well transform your humble abode into an awesome place to live. Starting from the entry way to your backyard, here are 10 amazing ideas to add glamour to your home.

1. Sun Tunnel

Sun tunnels are a convenient way to being natural daylight into the darkest areas of your home; the hallway, middle rooms, bathrooms and walk-in closets are a few places that would need sun tunnels. Sun tunnels not only flood your interiors with natural daylight, they also help to reduce your electricity bills considerably. A flat roof or a tiled one; sun tunnels are a convenient alternative to add glamour to the darkest spaces of your home.

2. Table Fire Pit

Ethanol, gas or electric; there are many alternative to set up your table fire pit and you have one less thing to worry about the soot associated with wood. A table-top fire pit adds a stunning accent to your living room or dining room. These fixtures can serve as a beautiful focal point while serving their actual purpose.

3. Indoor Pool & Jacuzzi

If you are smitten by the pool and Jacuzzi you got to use in a star spa, it is time to have your own. An indoor pool with a Jacuzzi attached to your bedroom would be the best way to pamper your body and senses.

4. Reading Nook by the Window

Ever since people watched Harry Potter's crammed room, nooks have become a hot favourite to whip up some creativity thoughts. A reading nook tucked away in a corner of your living room, bedroom or your loft, sure is a pleasant addition to your home. Make sure to add warmth to your nook with a genuine Oushak rug that is conveniently available online.

5. Indoor Tree House

A tree house need not be restricted to your backyard. An indoor tree house can add instant charm to the children's room. A tree house is ideal for the children's room because attaching the sleeping area to a tree house will save on the much wanted floor space in a child's room.

6. Vertical Herbs Garden

Set up a DIY vertical herbs garden in your kitchen to flaunt your green thumb while adding the charm of foliage to your interiors. There is no green wall that looks ugly if it is covered with plants and by the way; plants are an inexpensive means to bring about dramatic changes in your home décor.

7. Jelly Fish Pendant Lamps

Dining under pendant lamps is a surefire way to experience awesomeness. Jelly fish inspired pendant lamps are an ideal addition to enhance your dining pleasure. Add a few jelly fish pendant lamps to your dining room to experience the bliss of dining under mysterious lights.

8. Heat Sensing Shower Tiles

Home décor is not only for your living and bed room; even your bathroom deserves celebrity treatment. Add star charm to your bathroom by installing heat sensing shower tiles to your bathroom and experience a burst of colours even in a plain-looking bathroom.

9. Swing Bed

A swing bed stand set-up with comfortable bedding is an inviting sight; especially if it is placed outdoors. Install a swing bed in your porch or your front garden to change the very outlook of your home. With an array of swing beds available to suit every garden, you are sure to find one to go with your taste as well.

10. Backyard Fire Pit

Flaunt your fine taste in home décor while you entertain your guests in your backyard. Set-up a fire pit surrounded by beach sand; treat your feet while you bask in front of fire. This sure is an ideal place to ignite your barbeque parties as well. Did you know? An outdoor fire place is the second most desired outdoor feature according to the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Guest Post: Amazing Ideas That Will Make Your House Awesome



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