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Guest Blogger - Cameron Day - Dethroning the Psychic Ankle Biters

Posted on the 31 January 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Guest Blogger - Cameron Day - dethroning the psychic ankle bitersAncient Gnostics identified inter-dimensional consciousness parasites that have been secretly manipulating and oppressing human consciousness.
The Gnostics called them Archons, which means "Ruler" or "Lord" but this title grants them far too much respect. I prefer to call them ankle biters, as this annoys them and makes them easier to intuitively discern.
They have been harvesting and feeding on low-frequency emotional energy generated by humans for many thousands of years, far beyond our current understanding of human history.
As part of humanity's great awakening, we need to reclaim our power and energy that has gone to these consciousness parasites, and to dismantle their "dark control grid" that currently surrounds our planet. The techniques to do so are covered in this article, with links to guided energy-clearing meditations for you to study and practice further.
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(c) 2012 Cameron Day

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