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Guardians of the Tomb (2018) Review

Posted on the 19 May 2019 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7
Guardians of the Tomb (2018) Review

*7 Guardians of the Tomb* (Original title)

When an accidental discovery of a preserved mummified Chinese Emperor is unearthed a nightmare is about to become reality, sometimes things need to stay buried.

Let's start with just why and how I ended up watching this film, because of Kelsey Grammer and the fact it was the Sky Cinema new premiere of the day and it just seemed like I was meant to watch it. Although having now seen the film I am unsure whether I would actually do that to myself again.

Jia wants to track down her brother who has gone missing and asks Mason for help with this, bringing in Jack Ridley who was actually with her brother. This causes a little bit of tension, but I am sure you can guess that it will also lead to a slight romance? Predictable moments, that then lead to the tomb and the attempted rescue mission and finding out what actually happened. We get quite a few different things happening throughout the venture into the tomb, nothing that we haven't seen before though.

If you check the genre's related to this film one comes up as horror, I can assure you that nothing is scary in this film as it borderlines being more of a comedy than anything else. It's a poor version of The Mummy or National Treasure type adventure films that actually have some good moments in them. I cannot say the same for this one.

Some huge spiders and lots more spiders to go with it which again make you want to laugh rather than cover your face or feel any fear at all. Not quite on the level of Eight Legged Freaks though but I guess nothing really is (joke by the way just in case anyone thinks I am being serious). You cannot take anything seriously in this film at all.

It did make me wonder something though, does Kellan Lutz have one of the worst filmographies in acting? Not coming through the Twilight Saga with much praise and the other films I have seen him in have been rather bad, this one being awful. Another thing it made me wonder was why Grammer agreed to do this? Surely he really doesn't have to put himself up to something so poor?

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