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Grown Up Chocolate

By Mariealicerayner @MarieRynr
Grown Up Chocolate 
One of the nice things as a food blogger is that occasionally I get sent new products, improved products, products to try out and voice my opinion on. I love trying and experiencing new things, especially when it has anything to do with food or eating!  Ask me try try chocolate?  Well, I feel like I have hit the motherlode!  I adore chocolate!  Recently the Grown Up Chocolate Company asked me if I would like to sample a couple of their bars of chocolate and let me tell you . . .  they didn't have to ask twice! 
About the company:
The Grown Up Chocolate Company was born in 2011, with a mission towards providing th most indulgent and decadent chocolates, the same chocolate you might have enjoyed as a child, but with a grown up twist and for Grown Ups only.
All of their chocolate is made in Harlow, UK, using only the highest quality ingredients.  Their chocolate consists of 41% pure cocoa solids, which is an exceptionally high ration when compared to the market standard of only 18%.
They come in magnificently indulgent creations such as Very Naughty Nutty Nougat, Gorgeously Gooey Caramel Truffle Cups and Dark Chocolate Smoothy.  There is also an option to "Make Your Own" with the opportunity to create your very own tailor-made chocolate bar of your dreams. Simply pick & mix from a selection of ingredients, choose your wrapper and Bob's your uncle. 3 tasty bars of your creation will be delivered right to your front door! Mmmm . . .
Grown Up Chocolate 
I was sent two 100g bars.
NUTS! Oh Hazelnuts!  A creamy milk chocolate bar, enveloping a middle of deliciously crunchy whole roasted hazelnuts. (£3.25)
Fruit & Nut in Milk Chocolate.  A decadent mix of milk chocolate, crunchy nuts, apricots and cranberries. (£2.95)
As you can see they were both chocker-blocked full of lovely whole hazelnuts, and fruit and nuts.
Grown Up Chocolate 
With the hazelnut one (which is the first one I tried) I found that there was a really decent amount of tasty roasted hazelnuts in proportion to the amount of chocolate.  The chocolate was milky but not overly sweet.  Like. LIKE!
Grown Up Chocolate 
Likewise the fruit and nut bar, which I'm afraid must have melted a tiny bit in the heat of the day during transit, but was still delicious and wonderfully full of lots of chopped toasted nuts and tasty fruits. Again, not overly sweet.
Grown Up Chocolate 
What I liked:  Both really had a lovely, not overly sweet, chocoate flavor. You could tell that there was a much higher quality of cocoa solids in the chocolate.  It tasted of cocoa, not sugar.  
I loved the high ration of nuts to chocolate, and fruit of nuts to chocolate.  A ration that was the same throughout the bar.  I didn't find plain pockets.  The nuts and fruits were consistent.  
I also really like that these are produced right here in the UK.  I love to buy UK produced goods if I can, to shop British.  We need to support these home grown industries if we want our country to grow and flourish!  Having quality goods to use/eat, etc, makes it easy! 
There was no plastic used in the packaging.  That is a biggie with me these days. We need to be reducing our plastic use, and I was quite happy that they were not using any.
What I didn't like:  I am really trying hard to find something here, and I can't find anything, for the most part, other than the fact that they are a tad bit pricey.  But that is not exactly an entirely  bad thing. I might not be tempted to indulge as often as I could be were they not on the pricey, because these are really, really good! 

If you would like to find out more about these bars and where you can buy them be sure to check out: 
Note - I was sent two complimentary bars to try for myself.  I was not required to write a positive review in exchange. Any and all opinions and comments are my own.

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