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Grinnell's Lentsch Racks up 89

By Realdarinford @realdarinford
Grinnell's Lentsch racks up 89In case you haven't heard... There's this one guy who plays Division III basketball out in Iowa for Grinnell College. His name? Griffin Lentsch. Yea, that's a mouthful... Lentsch? Yea... But it's nothing to the mouthful of words that the opposing Principia College's head coach gave his guys in the locker room after regulation. I mean ya, if you're going to give up 89 points on one guy, while letting him take 55 shots isn't exactly great tactics. Let's call it as it is... Bad defense. Maybe "Griff" is pretty good and may have a stroke, possibly even a window for the NBA, perhaps? Perhaps.
Anyway, the 6'4" 195lb. junior took over the show in their most recent game yesterday. Plain and simple.
Oh, by the way, did I mention that his Grinnell won 145 to 97 on the road at Principia? Guess not.. Oh well, just did.
Here's all 89 buckets on tape:

As exciting as this is... It's really sad that's quite honestly the most exciting thing that's happened in basketball since Kobe's 81 point night back in '06... (I'm kidding for those of you who don't quite get my humor.) The actual fact here that it's true that there is nothing happening in hoops right now     if you're a die-hard NBA guy like me. But, if you just love basketball in general, while also having a fetish for college hoops to, then you're "probs" fine,    once again, like me.
This kid can play (or at least shoot, considering he went 15-33 behind the arch in this game). I would like to see the spotlight shed on him a little and watch that high powered Grinnell offense on ESPNU or something like that. Just the thought of him not getting national publicity after this effort remains obliviously instilled in my mind,    given he doesn't... But then again, it's just a thought...
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