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Grind #64 :: Silence, Autism and Music of the Mind

By Ventipop @ventipop

In Today's Edition of the Daily Grind, we fixate on science, health and the human mind. It's an uplifting, informative mix. My hope is you'll learn something, feel something and pass along something. This blend includes stories on an inspirational yet unlikely string quartet, new breakthroughs in Autism research, the nursing home industry sadly transforming into a profit-before-care focus-based business, monkeys making tools, scientists using profession to gauge which partners are more likely to cheat and a few more real life heroes sent in by readers like you. Grab the biggest mug you own and enjoy Grind #64 :: Autism, Silence, Autism and Music of the Mind.


"The common view about these patients is that, for them, ‘It’s all dark inside.’ According to this view, the light of consciousness is snuffed out. What remains is a hollow, empty body, a mere husk, with no mind or consciousness inside. This view induces us not to spend resources, such as time and money, on the rehabilitation of these patients, not to give them painkillers, and even to treat them as if they were less than human. But this is not right." This article explains the difference between a vegetative state and a minimally conscious state and why we are doing a disservice to patients trapped inside the prison of their own bodies.

Grind #64 :: Silence, Autism and Music of the Mind

"Those patients are rarely part of a group. They may be there, but they aren't interacting with the group. And I think what's beautiful with the string quartet is you have four patients who are going to be able to interact with each other. You want them to engage because they are there." I was moved by this nine minute film documenting how a new technology allows four severely motor-impaired people to create a musical piece in real-time. It makes you wonder how new technology could enhance the lives of those who are unable to walk, move or speak to communicate and create in the future.

Grind #64 :: Silence, Autism and Music of the Mind
  • Why the organization, Autism Speaks, is no longer searching for a "cure" and why the group has a long way to go before regaining the trust of autistic self-advocates.
  • A new parenting therapy shows significant improvement in the long term behavior of autistic children.
  • People with Autism may see motion faster which could lead to earlier diagnosis.
  • Last week, I posted this story about heroes in the year 2016 which prompted several of you to send more hero stories. Thanks to readers Andy H. in Kentucky and Barbara E. in Ohio for sending these in. They will get your heart racing:

  • A whiff of good news! Scientists have finally figured out a solution to fart more bananas.
  • The revolution begins with monkeys banging rocks together. For the first time, researchers have video of monkeys making tool-like stones with hammers. Years from now, Planet of the Apes will be considered a documentary.
  • Uh-oh, if your significant other has one of these jobs, scientists say they are more likely to cheat on you.

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