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Grind #113 :: Camo, Ammo, Drones & Floating Choppers

By Ventipop @ventipop
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In this edition of the Grind, I present a collection of reader suggested stories about the military, law enforcement, aviation, ammo and more. Please, help stir the conversation by emailing us your favorite interesting reads and videos and sign up for our email updates if you haven't already.

  • It's hard to imagine a White House Party so crazy the President has to escape through a window. But that's what supposedly happened when party animal Andrew Jackson threw the craziest party in White House history in 1829.
  • Gun Knives and other ridiculous weapons the TSA have confiscated this week.
  • The Army is getting its first new handgun in 35 years.
  • Are Police Body Cameras the future of law enforcement?

Grind #113 :: Camo, Ammo, Drones & Floating Choppers

Looks perfectly normal...if you're going for the "rapey, stalker" vibe.

  • I always assumed they threatened to just blow them the hell out of the sky but apparently the military has a more complex way of keeping rogue planes out of restricted airspace.
  • Speaking of restricted did Intel get permission to fly all those drones above NRG stadium for Lady GaGa's halftime show at this years Superbowl?
  • Moving on to outer's what happens when an astronaut tries to wring out a wash cloth:

"The military restricts nearly all operational leadership positions to the 18 percent of service members who begin their career as commissioned officers. Service members can only begin their careers as officers if they receive a seat at one of the three military academies or have already completed college. The enlisted ranks make up the other four-fifths of the force. That’s four-fifths of the force who cannot become operational leaders, no matter how educated or experienced they may become."

Guns in Slo-Mo...always great.
— The Slo-Mo Guys

...The Last Drop

The Vietnamese shirk expensive rappelling equipment in favor of what appears to be an old tree branch to scale buildings:

Grind #113 :: Camo, Ammo, Drones & Floating Choppers ~ Fin.


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