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Grey's Anatomy | 8x19 | Support System | Review

By Eugeniusgenius @eugenius_genius
Grey's Anatomy | 8x19 | Support System | Review Grey's Anatomy is one show that certainly can deliver beautiful intros, this time it showed us in a recap manner how Christina's and Owen's relationship grew and hit rocks all at the same time, it showed us how Owen's saved her life when she tripped and fell and got an icicle insider of her up until the scene where she throws the cereal bowl in his face.
In this episode Christina continued to be a mystery to me, why on earth would she want to hear the recap of Owen's one night stand ?
It reminds me of Ross and Rachel from FRIENDS, about Ross trying to explain himself and wanting to be forgiven but instead she asked him "How was it ? Was she good?" What followed meant the end for them. And I sense that Christina is looking for something that is so unforgivable so she can end all that in a blink of an eye without feeling guilty.
Shonda promised us the old Christina, the cold blooded Christina and that's not a good sign for Christina and Owen as a couple.
Aside from that, Sloan as chief ? Are you kidding ? The worst possible candidate for a chief of surgery.
Alex and April blackmailing Lexie to help the two to study for boards was precious.
I almost forgot Bailey had a boyfriend, because we see so little of him. He had plans for Bailey only she was in for the girls night that basically was set for Teddy, to get her out of post-mourning mood.
Dr. Webber's patient needs new leaver and the one they got isn't viable, it has a tumor in it, so Sloan, Chief of Surgery, said to call UNOS and put the patient back on the waiting list.
After some time, I can barely admit that Sloan would be a good Chief of Surgery, God, I hate myself for saying that.
The future-to-be attendings, Jackson, Alex, Meredith and April fight for Lexie's memorizing skills and try to stuff loads of information in Lexie's brain just to quiz them later so they can ace the boards.
The episode continues with flashbacks from Owen's and Christina's past, it reminded what we can loose if they fail to put whatever happened behind them. Somehow it's heartbreaking to see Christina fall apart from she's hearing from Owen. There isn't a clean way to get out of situations like this one. Christina laughing at Owen when he fell trying to break in the door of the bathroom where she locked herself in, was a bit funny but it was also disturbing. She never imagined herself being cheated on, she never saw it coming, she never imagined having troubles because of a guy and more importantly being screwed over right before her boards because as she says she's a cardiothoracic surgeon, and she's a great one.
Grey's Anatomy | 8x19 | Support System | Review
My heart skipped a beat when Christina suddenly realized Owen wanted to hurt back Christina for having their child aborted. And now, to think back, I think I can finally understand Owen's actions too, I think it's something I would do too if I were to be hurt the same way.
After giving a lesson to Sloan, Dr. Webber convinced him to do the surgery and finally give his patient some good news and some good organs.
A week ago I was feeling like this episode would be boring, ohhh I am glad I was wrong. We saw things to crave for. We saw Meredith silently being there for Christina when she need the most. I am sorry it didn't work out for the couple, it's a long way back to what it was or it may never work out.
Next week on Grey's Anatomy ...

Is Christina going to forgive Owen ? Eventually ?

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