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Greta Gerwig is a Bookish Version of a Drew Barrymore/Kate...

By Shannawilson @shanna_wilson

Greta Gerwig is a bookish version of a Drew Barrymore/Kate Winslet hybrid. The NYC dweller recently gave an interview to New York Magazine where they shot her apartment, and she remarks about her cats, and her literary loves.

“That’s my cat, Paw Newman. We also have Diane Kitten. Paw is the friendlier of the two, but also more annoying. The sofa is from an old roommate’s dad’s apartment. My main investment is books. Books are like my dowry from college. I’m going through an E. M. Forster phase right now.”

Co-star, writer and director, Zoe Lister Jones, of 2007’s Arranged and 2009’s Breaking Upward fame, (both of which, I loved) is glorious as the sidekick who doses out loving, yet unwarranted advice. I’ll call her the Jewish Lena Dunham.

These two are a smart pair in Lola Versus, the 2012 comedy for thinking girls. Let’s hope.

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