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One thing I really love about travel – culture. I am sure my sweet mother-in-law who is reading this has one eyebrow raised. You see, she is the one who drags me (almost kicking and screaming) to every museum, tour, gallery, or exhibit the city we are visiting is offering. I often times look at her and she just smiles and says, “Oh, Mary, it will be good for you.” Growing up my parents always had season tickets to the theater and took us on trips where we would learn the history of America or the city we were visiting. They tried to pound into our heads that culture and history were what makes the world go round. So I know it isn’t their fault I have such a reaction toward museums. I actually have a deep passion for history (my favorite subject in school) and love learning about cultures past. So it is always a bit odd to me that I drag my feet so much when my mother-in-law tells me we are going to a new exhibit with such and such artist or a museum to see the ancient ruins of the such and such culture. To be honest, every time I leave the show I am always so happy I saw it and feel great that I learned something new. It wasn’t until this past trip to London that I start to feel an appreciation for the artists work I was seeing and an appreciation that I had the opportunity to see these great works of the world.

One thing I am guilty about –  “Dallas shaming.” I can bash this city until the sun comes up but really, it is an excellent place to live. Dallas has given me so many things and I am eternally grateful for that. It is a fabulous place to live and I am lucky to have been here almost 10 years! However, I get really frustrated that there isn’t that much “culture” here. I know, I know! I almost want to hide under my desk as I write that. It is so hypocritical. I (used to) roll my eyes when I would see a museum on the itinerary when I was traveling, but I expect the city I live in to have a fabulous selection of them? Doesn’t make sense does it? Okay so here is my justification. When I am traveling I love to see the city for what it is. As a local sees it. I love to wander the streets, pop in bakeries, sit at cafes, walk the side streets, and get lost. I hate to have a schedule because I think it takes away from seeing the city for its intended purposes. So when I see the museum on the list I know I will be stuck in a building reading about the city instead of outside actually enjoying it. However every time I leave the exhibit and know a little bit more about the artist behind the street art or the history of why the town square is located where it is I have a deeper appreciation for the history of what made this city what it is today. Traveling is all about learning others cultures and growing as an individual. So, after learning about local cultures and artists (via these museums/exhibits) you have the sense that you fully understand the city, its people, and its culture. Getting out everything you needed to via travelings intended purposes.

Having places like this in Dallas – where you can meet other creatives, get away from the “typical Dallas outings,” and have a place to see and enjoy art (which I am learning to do) is a bit of a challenge. To be honest, I didn’t really know of many places besides the Dallas Arts District who had galleries of different types of art. So when my friend Krystal asked if I wanted to join her for a day at the Goss Michael Foundation I wasn’t sure what I was in for. I just knew it sounded like fun and very different than my typical day so I said yes. When we arrived I was astounded by the different works of art. I literally felt like I was in a mini Pompidou. The art ranged from graffiti, to screens, to canvas, to lighting, and to installations (by the famous Damien Hirst). I felt like I was in a different city somewhere across the world! And in that moment I realized why I didn’t mind exhibits, museums, or galleries when I traveled anymore – because it was a new and different experience that made me realize I was in a different part of the world. Which always makes me happy! However, Dallas has all of this right in my backyard, I was just too lazy to discover it!

In the next few weeks there will be lots more photos from theGoss Michael Foundation! I hope if you are in Dallas you will have the time to check it out! It is a really cool little outing with lots of interesting art. And I promise you – you will feel worlds away. And then when you walk outside, you can get in your car and drive home! It is seriously win/win. Dallas, you are amazing. I am sorry for shaming you!



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