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‘Greenleaf’ Recap: Season 2 Episode 12 ‘House Rules’

By Firstladyb


‘Greenleaf’  Recap: Season 2 Episode 12 ‘House Rules’

“House Rules”

In season 2 episode 12, Lady Mae finds out the real reason  Rochelle Cross left the Greater Redeemer church, and Bishop Greenleaf and Lady Mae are on a mission to stop Basie Skanks from tearing their family apart.

Basie Skanks “God Loves Gays”

With journalist Darius Nash standing in the back of the church taking notes, Pastor Basie Skanks is preaching a sermon on “God loves gays.”  In the middle of his sermon Basie tells the congregation that homosexuals are invited into his church.

“So I say to the homosexual community, there is a place for you among us here for all of us that are living under God’s grace. Amen.”

Basie, then throws shade at Calvary, implying that Bishop Greenleaf and his mega church aren’t being open about their stance on the LGBT community.

And of course Darius is taking notes for his story.

Bishop Greenleaf and Lady Mae Read Darius Interview About Basie’s Sermon

Monday morning Bishop Greenleaf is reading the Tennessee Statesman newspaper, while Charity is drinking coffee, and Lady Mae is holding the baby.

Lady Mae and Bishop are discussing Darius article regarding Basie Skanks sermon on God loving the gays, and Grace walks in.  Bishop asks Grace if she knew Darius was working on a piece about Basie and she says yes.  Lady Mae informs Grace that Calvary is also mentioned in the article, and Bishop chimes in that Darius didn’t even ask him for a comment.lady mae

Lady Mae believes Darius interviewed Carlton, whom she “let go” for not being discreet about his relationship in the church, but Charity quickly shoots that down.

Anyway.. Grace tells her parents, she will talk to Darius.

The girls walk out, and Lady Mae tells Bishop that Basie is trying to tear their family apart.

“He is tugging at the threads that hold this family together.”

Bishop Greenleaf agrees, and tells Mae he’s going to pay Basie a visit.

“I think it’s time for me and Jesus to pay a call on Basie Skanks”‘Greenleaf’  Recap: Season 2 Episode 12 ‘House Rules’

Grace has no problem with the article Darius wrote, she actually supports what Basie is doing.  She’s no longer Calvary’s assistant pastor, she has taken over  Kevin’s position as Outreach Director since he is still gone.  Grace pleads with her father to embrace the gay community, insisting he’ll come to regret his decision if he doesn’t. The debate leaves the bishop deeply conflicted.

Kerissa Tells Jacob To Get A Job

Kerissa is tired!!!!

Kerissa and Jacob are still having problems with the electricity in the parsonage. Kerissa suggest that they use the money in the ‘Go Help Me’ fund, and Jacob immediately tell her no, because that’s the same thing that got Basie in trouble.

“Watch that thieving spirit.”

After Jacob hits Kerissa with the “thieving spirit” comment, Kerissa tells Jacob to get a job.

As the two are arguing the lights go out..once again, Kerissa walks away saying to Jacob,”Get a job!”

Bishop Greenleaf Confronts Basie Skanks

Bishop goes to tell Basie to stay away from his family and his church.  When he walks in, Basie has a man in his office demanding  $50,000 from him. The gentleman leaves, and Bishop Greenleaf tells Basie not to mention him or his church again, and that he’s trying to do the same thing to Grace that he did with Jacob, but Bishop lets him know, he will not part with Grace easily.  Bishop Greenleaf then turns to walk out.

“You said the judgement’s coming, it is….it’s coming for you.”

Lady Mae Finds Out Why  Rochelle Cross Left Greater Redeemer

Lady Mae is determined to find out the truth about Rochelle Cross, and she knows just where to go to get it… Ms. Jacinta‘Greenleaf’  Recap: Season 2 Episode 12 ‘House Rules’

Lady Mae and Jacinta meet for lunch, and  Lady Mae asks Jacinta how does she know Rochelle.  Jacinta shares with Lady Mae that Rochelle is a wizard with money, and has been handling her finances for several years.  Lady Mae shares with Jacinta that Rochelle has been attending church at Calvary, and in true Lady Mae form,  drops a seed about being disheartened to hear about her experience at Greater Redeemer.  Jacinta then insinuates that Rochelle had an affair with someone at the church. She then tells Mae that Rochelle doesn’t know that she knows.

The plot thickens! #Greenleaf pic.twitter.com/Cpzou9P6gZ

— Greenleaf OWN (@GreenleafOWN) August 31, 2017

Charity is still trying to get with  Jabari, but he doesn’t seem interested. When they meet up for the first time since that kiss, all he wants to talk about is music, he brings her everything she needs to write music with, so now she doesn’t have to come to Nashville.

Jabari does invite Charity out to dinner, but nothing! Just a kiss on the cheek.

Jacob Catches Zora

Jacob catches Zora (who has already lost her virginity) with her boyfriend Isaiah not only in the house, but in her room when he comes home.  Jacob reminds Isaiah of the house rules and escort him out the front door.  I guess Isaiah is mad that Jacob put him out the house, because now he’s standoffish towards Zora.

Lady Mae and Bishop have dinner at the parsonage with Jacob and Kerissa to try and get some information on Basie, but Jacob won’t budge, referring to scripture 1 John 2:5

But whoso keepeth his word, in him verily is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in him.

But no worries, Kerissa has had enough, and heads over to the Greenleaf mansion to tell Lady Mae and Bishop what went down with Basie and Jacob. She tells everything from Basie losing Triumph’ s money in a poker game, to Jacob using all of their savings to help Basie pay off some of his debt.  Lady Mae wants proof, and Kerissa said she can get it.

Grace and Darius

Grace and Darius are babysitting for Charity, where she asks him if he interviewed Carlton for his story, and he reveals that he did.  So Lady Mae was right!  Things become uncomfortable, as Grace asks Darius why he didn’t tell her.  Darius reminds her that they had  an agreement. Darius then starts to feel like Grace is pulling away, and she say she’s not, but that there are things about him she still doesn’t know, like why he doesn’t go to church and she’s a pastor.  Darius then leaves.

Later on that night Darius calls wakes Grace us out of her sleep and have her meet him outside.  As the two are sitting on the porch, Darius shares with Grace that he was married, that his wife is now dead.  Darius goes on to share with Grace  that after his wife funeral, he asked the pastor to help him understand and that pastor told him,”it’s best we don’t question God” and that he hasn’t been back to church since. Grace thanked Darius for telling her.  Darius explained that that’s why he’s been holding back.  The two embrace.‘Greenleaf’  Recap: Season 2 Episode 12 ‘House Rules’

So what did you think about this week’s episode of Greenleaf?

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