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Greenhouse Year – April 2012

By Patientgardener @patientgardener

Greenhouse Year – April 2012

It’s not as full steam ahead as I remember last April in the greenhouse.   The change in weather with cooler temperatures than last year has meant that the seedlings aren’t sprinting away as much which I suppose gives me a chance to keep on top of things but at the same time means that plants aren’t moving out and making space for the next seeds as quickly as I would like.

Greenhouse Year – April 2012

I have sown my set of healing plants from South Africa.  They are in the mini propagators which are on a heated tray.  I’m not sure it is sunny enough for them at the moment but we shall see.  In case you are wondering the six plants I am trying to grow are:

Coleonema pulchellum
Cotyledon orbiculata
Geranium incanum
Aloe ferox
Bulbine frutescens
Leonotis leonurus

The pack comes with instructions of their medicinal use and how to use them which I find quite fascinating.

Greenhouse Year – April 2012

I am really pleased to have germinated some Nicotiana.  I am sure some of you will be saying big deal but its taken me 3 years to get them to germinate.  I discovered at a propagation workshop last autumn that I was probably subjecting them to too much heat so this year I sowed them, didn’t cover the seed and popped them on the bottom shelf – success.

Greenhouse Year – April 2012

I’ve sown so much this year I have had to invest in another grow house. It has been worth the money as it has meant that I can move things on quickly which I think gives you a more robust and healthy plant.  I would show you the inside of the other growhouse but it had started to rain when I took these photographs in fact it had started to hail so below is all you will see of the wooden grow house this month.

Greenhouse Year – April 2012

I have also written a guest post for Notcutts about my greenhouse which you can read here

If you have a greenhouse and would like to join in this meme on the 20th of each month please do, just post a link in the comment box.


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