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Green Party Decries The FCC's Vote Against Net Neutrality

Posted on the 16 May 2014 by Jobsanger
Green Party Decries The FCC's Vote Against Net Neutrality
The following message was posted yesterday by Green Party Shadow Cabinet member Kevin Zeese:
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today voted to begin the process of formally setting new net neutrality rules for web traffic which allows cable companies to provide prioritized data flows for those who pay, relegating other content providers to second rate speeds. Green Shadow Cabinet Attorney General, Kevin Zeese, and Health Secretary, Margaret Flowers, have been camping outside the FCC since May 8, creating thePeople's Firewall for Net Neutrality (watch video), in order to draw attention to the issue. Take action to support the People's Firewall. Watch protesters take action at the FCC today - here. Covered on CSPAN - here. Kevin Zeese today said: "The next four months are critical to the future of the Internet. Will it remain, free and open with equal access for all?" "Our key success over the last week was getting the FCC commissioners to included in their rulemaking procress public comments on whether the Internet should be reclassified as a common carrier, a public utility, like a telephone.   This is the only way to ensure net neutrality. Comcast considers it the nuclear bomb because it allows regulation in the public interest. The FCC is resisting this, but because of the work of the movement we now have it on the table. People need to work across issues to make sure we win this battle as it is essential to all of our work. We pushed the door open, now we all have to go through and overwhelm Comcast et al." Zeese said. Amids millions of dollars in lobbying efforts by big cable and internet companies, the decision today is just the beginning of the battle to stop regulations which take the internet out of the hands of the people, and deliver it into big corporate control. The cable companies have focussed their efforts on behind the scenes lobbying, largely refusing interviews. It's the standard strategy for when corporations want an issue to slide through quiety. This means that they know that public opinion is against net neutrality, and it makes our task clear - get the word out! "This effects all of us. It goes to our 1st Amendment right of freedom of expression. The Internet is an important tool for activists, and we can't lose that, or we lose our voice and a vital way we communicate with each other." ~ Dr Margaret Flowers. Many internet users don't know what's going on, and it's up to all of us to educate your friends, family and community - online and offline. For background on Net Neutrality, read the article written by Kevin Zeese the day the People's Firewall Protest started - here and follow some of the many links within. Bill Moyers & co report on the action - here. The Guardian reports on today's vote and reaction - here.

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