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Green Onions Rulz!

By Bbenzon @bbenzon
This tune has been on my mind since forever! Well, not that long since the tune has only been around since 1962. But I heard it then and it got fixed in my soul, even if, back then I wouldn't publicly own up to liking this tune (I was a jazz man in those days, still am), my feet couldn't keep still. And the feet don't lie, not about music they don't.
Here's the original version, "Green Onions," as performed by Booker T. and the MGs:

Here's a somewhat different version, by Count Basie. Yes, Count Basie, one of New Jersey's many gifts to the Kingdom of Ever-Loving Funk, Fun, and Fabulosity. Don't let the sly intro fool you, he's just funnin', teasing, but he brings on the heat at about 55 seconds, then turns it back to sly, heat, sly, and a roarin' shout chorus:

Long about now I bet you're saying to yourself, Hmmm, I bet this would really rock over a Latin bottom. Not to worry! Mongo's got it covered, the great Mongo Santamaría:

What hands! What hands!
So now you're thinking, I want some of them green onions for myself. No problem, here's a little lesson you can link to.
Wanna dance? Here's the steps to a two-wall line dance:

Let's round it out with a "traditional" version by guitar god, Roy Buchanan:

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