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Green Lantern

Posted on the 28 June 2011 by Kaiser31083 @andythemovieguy
Green LanternThis movie is ridiculous from the word go. It begins with thousands of space men who are part of a lantern clan that wears rings which they use to protect the galaxy. When an evil force called The Parallax mortally wounds one of the finest Lantern soldiers, the soldier journeys to earth to find the most worthy recipient of his ring before kicking off. The person the ring brings to him is cocky, reckless, and self-centered test pilot Hal Jordan who takes the ring, becomes the Green Lantern and the first human to don the ring, and protects the earth from The Parallax and his evil childhood friend who is now a doctor and has been infected by the the evil space people. Without really needing to say it, The Green Lantern is kind of a sorry excuse for a superhero. His world is uninspired and what fun is a superhero who can basically do anything. Ryan Reynolds is not as horrible as I expected as the lead and fits OK into the lanterns shoes. Blake Lively is delightful as the love interest, but her character's interaction with Reynold's mirrored too closely to that of Superman and Lois Lane. Additionally, I didn't know what was more unbelievable her beautiful, young, smart, and successful character or the The Green Lantern's will powered shape shifting ring. Peter Saarsgaard's character is disappointing in a poorly realized and underdeveloped role as the villain, and we have come to expect more from the actor. The movie is also loaded with inspirational speeches about courage and fear, which becomes too much to handle very quickly. For what it is this movie is so so. The effects in the final battle between The Green Lantern and The Parallax are impressive. Still, this is a lackluster superhero movie and should be a call to Hollywood to slow down on the churning out of comic book character films.

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