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Greek Quotes for a Road Trip Through Greece

By Monkeys And Mountains Adventure @Laurel_Robbins

But now, having done it, I highly recommend it.  Leaving from Athens, our first stop was to Meteora, home to adventure-seeking monks, followed by several days in Epirus, a region in northwestern Greece that is home to over 2000km of hiking trails and bears!  Yes bears in Greece! Epirus is famous for its’ villages and Kallarytes, a village on a mountainside, consisting of just 15 houses was one of my favourites! Rather than returning the same way, we headed south, since no trip to Greece is complete without a visit to the crystal blue waters that Greece is so famous for – that’s where  Parga comes in!

Now a road trip wouldn’t be complete without some tunes, which I’ll leave to you, (or you can leave your suggestions in the comments below) but in the meantime, I’ll provide you with something even better – a photojourney of my road trip through Greece, along with Greek quotes, most from our very knowledge guide Sophia.  As travellers – who like to distinguish themselves from tourists, know, connecting with locals and really getting a feel for a place enhances travel so much more than just sightseeing.  After reading these quotes, you’ll get a feel for the real Greece and for how Greeks think.  WARNING!  You’ll never be able to say It’s all Greek to me again! OPA!

Quote from Constantine Cavafy, one of Greece's most famous poets.

Meteora, where monks live in monasteries on seemingly suspended sandstone cliffs.

Quote from a Greek tour guide

Dodoni Theatre, the most significant archaeological site in Epirus, dating back to 4th century B.C.

Energy from the past impacts the present...Quote from a Greek tour guide

Parvotis Lake in Ionnina.

Greek Quotes for a Road Trip Through Greece

One of ~74 stone-arched bridges found in Epirus that connect the villages in the mountainous region.

Even to the Greek that is not well educated, the historical past is to be respected....Quote from Greek tour guide

Near Parga.

Greece needs to be rediscovered.  20 years ago people came to see where Socrates lived.  Now young people don't even know who Socrates is.  From Sophia, our guide through Epirus.

House in the seaside village of Parga

Remember we're not in pizza land, we're in pita land! Quote from a Greek guide.

The beautiful village of Parga.

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