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Greatest Ballet Films Ever

Posted on the 01 April 2012 by Streaming_guru @StreamingServic

Greatest Ballet Films EverThere’s something just so elegant about the ballet. The movement of the human body in this form of dance is something many spend years trying to achieve. The whole ballet area, from the tutus to the Bloch flats and pumps, to the music is one that astounds many. In fact, much of what we wear and is in fashion at the moment can be seen to be directly influenced by ballet and ballet films. Bloch flats and pumps and tutus have all had, or are having their day and are very popular in common, everyday culture.

Hollywood and other movie producing areas have created many wonderful films to do with ballet. Some of these look at the beauty and others the temperamental nature of this art – here are some of our favourites.

Black Swan

Nathalie Portman stars in Darren Arfonsky’s film of light and shadows. The film is a creative masterpiece, that oozes style and beauty. Portman performs wonderfully, dancing off her bloch flats and pumps in this emotional thriller. Arfonsky manages to show the delicate and fragile state of someone performing at the top of their level wonderfully and it is an aptly highly acclaimed film and rightly so.

Billy Elliot

Though, Northern England during the early 1980s doesn’t seem like the most apt place to set a ballet movie – that’s where Billy Elliot is placed. Situated in a mining town during the strikes that crippled the country during the period, Billy wishes to get his Bloch flats and pumps on and become a ballet dancer. Unfortunately, his brother and dad, who are hard mining folk, far from understand that Billy need to dance, rather than break coal. The film is one of the best loved British films of the last few decades and it is easy to see why.

The Turning Point

This film was nominated for 11 Oscars and is probably the most realistic of all the ballet based films of all time. The movie has, possibly the most truthful and realistic dancing of any ballet film ever and stars Anne Bancroft and Mikhail Baryshnikov. Critics love this film because of its realistic portrayal of the Bloch pump wearing types.

Red Shoes

Having won two Oscars in 1949, Red Shoes is one of the most loved movies on ballet of all time. It’s a true tale of love and having to make a choice between a man, or a passion. Does Vicky choose to fall in love, or continue to dance? The original version was written by none other than Hans Christian Anderson as a fairy story, but was changed around for the big screen.

Center Stage

This film is possibly one for the times and is a great teen movie. Like all teens who love the fine things in life, from bloch flats and pumps to nice cars. Center Stage talks about having to come to terms with being an adult, dealing with change and romance, while still trying to keep parents and school happy. Each member must decide on their future as an adult and as a dancer. A tale of the hard realities of not only ballet, but many careers.

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