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Great Stuff to Do with Your Next Day Off…

By Caryschmidt

Great Stuff to Do with Your Next Day Off…

Do you take a regular day off? You sure should! When God spent six days creating and one day resting, it wasn’t because He needed the rest.

God expects us to rest and restore. He created us with this need, and when we ignore it, we do so to our own peril. So, in the spirit of encouraging you to fully enjoy your next day of rest, let’s make a list (and please help). Let’s list some great, restorative things to do on a day off.

Here are the things that I love to do with a day off—and of course, not all of this happens “every day off.”

Spend Extra Time with God—un-rushed, unstructured, uninterrupted time with God is AWESOME!

Sleep In—just crash. Don’t set the alarm. Keep the room dark and see how late you can sleep. (I know it sounds unspiritual, but it’s a wonderful and healthy practice!)

Invest Into Your Marriage—Dana and I love to go out to breakfast together on a day off. Whether it’s taking a walk, running errands, or just hang in’ out—days off together are just awesome!

Invest Into Your Family—Go out to eat, play a game, sit around and talk, watch something together. Laugh together.

Read Something Sharpening—Find a quiet, comfortable place and dive into a book that will strengthen some part of your life.

Do an Enjoyable Project—keep a list of those projects that would encourage you to complete. I don’t mean something tiresome or laborious—I’m talking about something restorative and fun.

Get Outdoors—when the weather is right, get outside and absorb some fresh air and sunlight for a few hours or more.

Physical Activity—engage in some exercise, bike-riding, or just a good long walk.

Disconnect from Demanding Technology—disconnect from email, messages, and things that demand attention and response. It’s possible, even for us addicts.

Run Errands or Do Small Chores—getting one or two little, back-logged things done (like organizing a drawer or cleaning your closet) can refresh your spirit and help you feel “caught up” in some way.

Create a Restorative Environment—Dana is the best at this. We find that playing some music, lighting a scented candle, picking up clutter, and ordering our surroundings can help us relax and enjoy this day a little more.

Much of this sounds self-centered (and it could be)—but in reality, it should be the opposite. A true day of rest is key to being able to give your best to the Lord and others for the rest of the week. The decision to rest well is simply an act of submission to God’s created design. It’s a willingness to humbly admit your limitations and accept that you, your health, and your time are finite resources. (And it’s a good example—which I wrote about here.)

So, take your day off and enjoy it by God’s grace and for His glory. Love Him more, love others more, and restore your heart and soul to be able to give your best the rest of the week.

And before you go—add to the list. What are some things you find enjoyable and restorative on your day off?

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