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Great Invention Idea? Doggie Dust Cover and Vacuum!

By Petslady @petslady

Is Fido's fur causing you to fret and frown over your furniture's future? Does the care and maintenance of your pooch's pelt leave you pooped and peeved? Well, I've discovered two patents that address some of the hygiene problems facing dog owners - dog hair, dander and fleas - in unusual ways. Unfortunately, these patents will not release you of your responsibility to feed and love your pet, but they can make it easier for you and your pet to cohabitate.
Doggie Dust CoverDoggie Dust Cover
In 1964, Seroun Kesh, facing the problem of flea elimination on pets, noted that while effective, flea sprays and powders required frequent reapplication on the pet for maximum benefit. This method seemed timely, expensive and impractical to the inventor, so Kesh looked around (I suppose) for a solution. Luckily, he probably didn't have to look beyond his own living room. Why? Because he came up with United States patent 3150641, A Dust Cover for Dog[s]! Or what I affectionately like to call a doggie bag.
Doggie Dust Cover-Aerial ViewDoggie Dust Cover-Aerial View
Not unlike the dust covers many of us have encountered in the homes of friends and family (not lately I hope), the cover provides a barrier between the dog and the rest of the world, which keeps pest sprays and powders in tact longer and allows them to effectively "bake" on your pooch! Of course, the covers come with an opening for Fido's face. After all, the last thing any of us wants is to kill the dog along with the fleas!
Your pup's not flea bitten but sheds like a stripper at a retirement home for billionaires? Then you need Anne Margaret Zaleski's, "Combination Toy Dog and Vacuum Cleaner," or United States patent 3771192 . Basically, this is a traditional vacuum cleaner disguised to, "closely [resemble] a real dog." That is, the vacuum closely resembles a real dog to the owner because "real dogs" can smell a fake dog from a mile away! Nevertheless, the suction device is located in the tail, which you pull and use to clean up after your pup.
Doggie VacuumDoggie Vacuum
And don't think you're the only one who stands to benefit from this canine contraption. The vacuum can be used to clean up your pup after a haircut because the real dog appearance of the machine, coupled with the sound muffling ability of the "dog's" interior, will help you perform this task without frightening your pet! Also, the vacuum easily converts to a blower, which you can use to blow your puppy dry after a bath.
Finally, the doggie vacuum is perfect for people with literal or figurative allergies to dogs. Just think of it. You can finally own a dog that doesn't need you at all. In essence, a cat with the benefit and functionality of a vacuum!

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