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Great Apps to Help You Choose the Right Clothes

By Attireclub @attireclub

Great Apps to Help You Choose the Right ClothesIf you are someone who is interested in clothes and accessories, you're most likely often on the lookout for new and exciting places where you can explore new fashions both in the material world and in the digital one. Even though strong publications (both digital and in print) are still the first go-to places for most fashionistos and fashionistas, there are some cool apps out there that can help you choose clothes and accessories that you will later incorporate in your looks. If you are really hooked in your phone you can actually use it to help you to shop and get the right outfit. If you don't know what to wear, there's probably an app for that!

Here is a look at some of the apps which can help you choose the right clothes on a casual day.

Not a fashion app per se, but Instagram is an amazing resource for style and fashion. Not only can you follow your favorite brands and influencers, but there are also countless really stylish people out there who share their daily looks. Moreover, IG makes it easy for people to communicate, so if you want to know what someone is wearing, you can just send them a quick message.

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Great Apps to Help You Choose the Right Clothes

Depop was described as the Instagram version of Ebay, where you can make lists and work with the things you are planning on bidding on, just for the auction site. It's a practical tool that can help you sort out better the things you want and to have a clearer overview.

Polyvore is a great app for a fashion story. You can use its tools to group related items into a more visual approach. It basically revolves all around photo collages, which are created by editorial users, but you can also create a fashion college yourself. This way, you can create entire mood boards or small scrap book-style collages that allow you to organize items you love. Polyvore has been around for a while and has also been used by countless bloggers who are archiving their aesthetic and style.

Stylebook is an app that allows you to create outfits from your own clothes, by helping you create a catalogue of your entire closet and to work with the items you indexed. This is helpful for those who have really crowded closets and can't easily go through them all the time to take pieces out in order to mix and match, and it's also a great tool if you are someone who forgets they even had a certain item of clothes.

Moreover, it offers a calendar to keep track of when you wore your outfits, which is great if you don't want to repeat an outfit or an item too soon or if you simply want to make sure you won't wear it twice in the same place.

There is also another app called "Cool Guy" (yes, we know the title is not great) that works in a similar manner and Mod Man does a similar thing.

Having a few apps on your phone to help you create outfits and organize your sartorial ideas can help you save up time and energy. While creating outfits is done best with the clothes in your hands, such apps can turn out to be very helpful if you are in a rush and need to change quickly. Which is something that happens to most of us at least sometimes.

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