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Gravity and Acceleration Are Just the Same Thing...

Posted on the 26 October 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
The following animation displays the Earth's gravitational anomolies. The colors and heights represent the strength of gravity at the locality. Blue is weaker, red is stronger.

 Notice, in the gravitational animation above, that the stronger gravitational fields are generated along 'geomechanical fault lines' suggesting that there's a direct correlation between volcanic or tectonic activity and gravitational strength.
But that's a diversion to the main point of this post which is to 'prove' that Gravity and Acceleration are the same thing using a Kinky Kaveat (sp) mind experiment as intellectual lingerie.
You're floating out in deep space, enjoying the freedom to move around in any direction. Suddenly, you find yourself in a chair, in a sealed room.
You feel quite heavy, like you suddenly have bodily mass. But... you can't work out if your sealed room is spinning round in a CENTRIFUGE or if your sealed room sits still on the surface of a PLANET.
In the 'fake gravity' scenario, you're in a CENTRIFUGE and you're being pushed down into the chair with a constant force of 1g.
In the 'real gravity' scenario, you're sat on a chair on a PLANET and you're being pushed down into the chair with a constant force of 1g.
You really have no way of knowing which is true.
You unstrap your wristwatch from your wrist, hold it out and let it go - it falls to the floor and smashes into its more-robust component pieces.
So, what's the difference?
NONE, it's all about acceleration. In fact, it's all about localised structural resistance to acceleration. And it involves the MOVEMENT OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE in the opposite direction to the flow of measured 'gravity'. More detail later...

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