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Posted on the 11 May 2013 by Tanushree @TanushreeCS

newwwIt’s been 9 months since I started my journey here on the Charity Spring blog. It’s been 9 months since you started reading my work. I have received nothing less than true love and appreciation from thousands of people all around the globe. It is heartening to get such a response from people who don’t know me and yet love to read what I have to say about this world.

I started blogging about my own observations of life, my story, my struggles with life, the small victories, the small defeats, tears and the journey of finding myself in this crowded world. Then I moved on to the philanthropy world. There were people who shared their stories with me, sent me emails and I had tears in my eyes for them. There were countless mothers who could relate to my story, a woman who taught me that life never ends, a teacher who made his students read what I had to say about the small nuisances of life, a young woman who wrote a poem about me and countless other young people who told me that they really found my work inspiring.

Inspiration came to some really special people from my work, including a soldier who lost a leg and a woman who could barely walk. My heart fills with pride when I read such stories. It makes me feel special and at the same time fills my heart with gratitude and love for God, who gave me this mad streak to be able to write.

I Thank You with all my heart for being there, always. For endlessly commenting, correcting where I was wrong and in the process transforming my life for something good in life. I started off as a student, picked up philanthropy as my career even though I am a Mechanical Engineer fresh out of college. The journey has been amazing till now and I intend to make it better with each passing day!

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