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Grandmother's Bread (with Yeast and Fairly Sweet)

By Nancymccarroll
From the 1960's, this recipe was my favorite food item my grandmother made on a regular basis. I copied it down at the kitchen table while she spoke it. I knew I would want it later.  Boy, am I glad I did because I have used this recipe for these many years after she has been gone.  It is a real comfort food for me.
Favorite parts of the recipe include the words "beat with rolling pin" and the stains on the paper showing the age of the recipe.  And I do remember Mom beating the dough with a rolling pin!
Grandmother's Bread (with yeast and fairly sweet)Yesterday was cool and cloudy, and I made three loaves of this bread, although the original recipe said "Makes 4 loaves".
Grandmother's Bread (with yeast and fairly sweet)Loaves "under-cover"All said and done, it was overcooked at 55 minutes (I confess to falling asleep while waiting for the stove buzzer), but still mighty tasty.

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