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Grandma’s Records

By Bgme @babygearmom

The backdrop:  summer in New York City. Grandma’s Records is a sweet tale about a boy who spends every summer with his Abuelita (grandmother). She routinely plays records from her native Puerto Rico, helping her grandson understand the love of music, culture and homeland. The two eventually get invited to a wonderful concert, with a priceless tribute, following a very special visit from a legend in Latino music.

This book instantly reminded me of my own Abuelita, who would dance solo around the house if she heard a song she particularly liked. Singing and dancing in my house was extremely common (still is)! I, like the boy in the book, spent summers with my Abuelita, and those sounds and images are never far from my mind. They are also reminiscent of the songs my own parents still play, paying homage to the heritage and cultural pride that was instilled early in me. You’ll find lots of Spanish phrases to learn throughout the book as well.

Whether your roots are from Puerto Rico, or another neck of the woods, Grandma’s Records reminds us all how love (and a little music) can bring generations together, and make lasting memories. I loved the special bond between grandmother and grandson, and the lessons they learned from one another.  I’m sure you will too! By the way, this book was a gift to my own daughter from her Abuelita (thanks Ma), but you can find it for $9 at

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