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Grammarly Review 2018: Is This the Best Grammar Checker?

Posted on the 22 December 2017 by Kronicgeek

“Their” or “There”, “Then” or “Than”, “it’s” or “its”? Do you find all these confusing? Well, it’s okay! You’re not the only one. There are many people who are not so well-versed in the English Writing Skills.

Does this lack of Grammar knowledge and writing skills make you feel embarrassed on social media or on your Job?

No! No! You don’t have to quit writing again. Never! What if I tell you that there’s a straightforward solution to all your grammar problems? What if I also tell you that this easy solution is free? Of course, I am not lying.

Here comes this superman who can not only save you from making Grammatical mistakes but can also help you in improving your English writing skills. This tool is called Grammarly. 

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In this article, we’ll not only review this tool but will also provide you with the tutorial and the features it offers.

What is Grammarly

Grammarly is a tool which is created to solve all your Grammar related problems. It analyses your text and scans for common and even the most complex grammatical mistakes and instantly corrects it.

According to their feature page, it provides 400+ checks to your content and offers better suggestions and corrections.

Grammarly Features

Grammarly offers a huge list of features which no other Grammar checker offers. Here is the list of some highlighted features:

  • Comes with a  Free and a Premium Version for advanced users.
  • Native App for Windows and Mac Users
  • Simple and Complex Grammar and Spelling Check
  • Grammarly Punctuation Checker  and Sentence Structure Checker
  • Vocabulary Improvements
  • Grammarly Plagiarism Detector
  • Suggestion according to different style of Content
  • Can check your text across the Web
  • Comes with Browser Extensions
  • Integrated with Outlook
  • Grammarly for Word, an extension for Microsoft Word
  • Provided definitions and explanations for each Grammar suggestion.

Who should use Grammarly

Grammarly is a tool made for everyone who uses the Internet. However, this is a recommended tool for the people engaged in Content Writing work such as Bloggers, Students, Businessmen and Proofreaders.

If you are always afraid posting on Social Media because of those Grammar Nazis, then Grammarly is the weapon for you.

Write perfect emails, articles, essays and much more!

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Grammarly Tutorial – How to use Grammarly

In this section, we’ll provide you quick tutorials on each of the primary services offered by Grammarly.

Grammarly for Word

This feature is only available in Grammarly Premium. If you’re not satisfied with the inbuilt Grammar checker in Microsoft Word, you can use the Grammarly extension for Word.

To enable this, Login to your Grammarly Account > Apps > Click on “Install” button. This will download the Add-on setup for Word. Run the EXE Setup to install the extension for both MS Word and MS Outlook.

grammarly for word

Now, when you open the Microsoft Word, you can find it in the “Grammarly” tab.

grammarly for word testing

Grammary Proofreader for Web

An online proofreading tool by Grammarly. This is a simple online Grammar checker. If you have a bunch of text or need to analyze an already written document in DOC/DOCX OR TXT file without any additional plugin, you can use this feature.

To use this, Login to your Grammarly Account > My Grammarly > “New/Upload”

grammarly for web

You can either upload, type or copy/paste text in this editor.

 Grammarly Extension

This is one of the most useful features of Grammarly. This will save a lot of time for you. I’m sure, this feature would be the one which will make you love Grammarly even more.

Grammarly for Chrome, Grammarly for Firefox, Grammarly for Safari and Grammarly for Edge.

To install the browser extension, Login to your Grammarly Account through the desired browser.

Now, head on the “Apps” section from the left navigation pane. Click on the “Install” button to Install the browser extension.

grammarly for chrome

Grammarly will be integrated into your browser. Now, whenever you type anywhere on Internet, this extension will automatically detect and will provide you with suggestions and corrections on the spot. Isn’t this easy?

Grammarly for Facebook and Twitter

This is a part of the Grammarly Browser Extension. As mentioned above, with this, you don’t even have to be afraid while writing on Social Media.

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a new status on Facebook or commenting on a post, you will get instant corrections.

grammarly for facebook

Similar to Facebook, it is available on other Social Sites too, including Twitter.

grammarly for twitter

Grammarly Review

We have already covered the features and the services Grammarly offers. In this section, we’ll review the technical analysis capabilities and the technical features it offers for each of their services.

Personally, I haven’t seen any other grammar checking tool which offers a lot of technical checks. Here are some of the technical analysis features it offers. Read our detailed Grammarly Review below.

Different Set of Rules for Different Type of Content

This feature is useful for the people who write different types of content. That means, if you are writing an Essay or writing an email, you can always select the type of analysis according to your needs. This feature is handy in improving your writing skills for different kinds of content work.

You can change the Document Type on the fly from the left navigation menu.

grammarly document type checks

Customizable Grammar Checks

With this, you can perform selected Grammar checks on your content. For example, if you only want to analyze spelling mistakes then you can keep it on and turn off the other ones.

different types of grammar check

Below are the examples of each of the Grammar Checks:

 Contextual Spelling

This option checks for spelling mistakes and correct words used in a wrong context such as, lie/lay, affect/effect, lose/loose.

Grammarly Review 2018: Is this the Best Grammar Checker?

Grammar Check

Checks for misused articles, subject-verb agreement, tenses, consistent verb form and all other Grammar rules.

grammar check

Punctuation Check

As the name indicates, it checks the article for all Punctuation errors and provide instant replacements.

grammarly punctuation check

  Sentence Structure

This option checks for the sentence structure errors by identifying the misplaced words and incorrect word order.

grammarly sentence structure check

Document Style Check

This works on the basis on Document Type you’ve selected for your content. It checks for potential problems in writing style and helps to prevent redundancy and wordliness in the text.

content style check grammarly

Vocabulary Enhancement(Repetitive Words Check)

Grammarly Vocabulary Enhancement analyses the document for repetitive words. It provides you suggestions with new words or synonyms which you can use in your content to improve its quality and uniqueness. It really helps you when you’re running out of words for a long article and looking to use a set of new words instead of repeating the same word or phrase again and again.

grammarly vocabulary check

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

This feature is available only for Grammarly Premium users. It’s an advantageous feature for the online Content Writers. This feature doesn’t require anything like Copyscape. It instantly determines whether the content you are writing is unique or not. It performs an online check against the database of 8 billion web pages to determine the uniqueness of your content.

You will be provided with a Percentage Score of the content’s uniqueness.

grammarly plagiarism checker

You can Enable/Disable this from the left navigation pane.

Grammarly Professional Proofreader

Apart from the original Grammarly Proofreader tool, this is an additional paid service which allows you to get your document checked from a Professional Human Proofreader.

grammarly proofreading tool

Grammarly Keyboard for Android/iOS

The latest service from Grammarly for free of cost.  You can download their keyboard for both Android and iOS which works the same way as their browser extensions. Whenever you type anything on your mobile device, it’ll correct your text automatically.

grammarly for android and ios

Personally, I find this very useful as it always helps in responding to emails and messages quickly without any grammatical errors.

Grammarly Free vs Grammarly Premium

Grammarly comes in two versions. One is the Free version which is free for the lifetime while the other is Grammarly Premium. 

The free version only provides Critical Grammatical and Spelling fixes while Grammarly Premium provides all the advanced functions as discussed above in the review.

Grammarly FREE
$0 per month
  • Critical grammar and spelling checks
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Grammarly Premium
$11.66 per month
  • Critical grammar and spelling checks.
  • Advanced checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure.
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions.
  • Genre-specific writing style checks
  • Plagiarism detector that checks more than 8 billion web pages
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Grammarly Pricing

Grammarly Premium comes in three Payment Plans, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual with the Annual plan being the cheapest the most recommended of all.

grammarly premium pricing

Here’s solution to get it at a better discount. Sign-up for the Free Version and wait for a month or two. They’ll automatically send you an email with 30%-40% Discount on Grammarly Premium on upgrading your plan.

Pros and Cons

  • 400+ Grammar Checks
  • Browser Integration
  • Available for MS Word and Outlook
  • Available for Android
  • All under one Package
  • Pricing is a bit high
  • No lifetime plan
  • Advanced features requires Internet.
  • No support for Google Docs

Final Verdict – Should I Buy?

To be honest, being a blogger, I find Grammarly very useful, and I’m already using Grammarly Premium. I can proudly say that this is one of my best investments of all. Although I feel that the pricing could be a bit lower or they should’ve introduced a lifetime plan but still, I consider this worth for $100-$120 per year.

If you area professional content writer, blogger, freelancer or even an online businessman then you should definitely give this a try.

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Guys, if you find this Grammarly Review then share it with your friends.  For all the questions kindly post in the comments section below.

*This document is checked with Grammarly Premium

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