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GraceLife Thoughts – Identifying False Teachers

By Mmcgee4

Grace Thoughts

GraceLife Thoughts – Identifying False Teachers

GraceLife Thoughts – Identifying False Teachers

False preachers and teachers don’t think highly of Jesus Christ. While they may say things publicly in praise of Christ to mislead Christians, they will sometimes be less guarded in private conversations. They will often minimize the life and ministry of Jesus. If they are guarded about that, they will sometimes struggle to give Jesus the glory and credit He deserves. They may or may not openly ‘deny’ Jesus Christ, but they will have difficulty praising Him. If they do praise Him, their words are often shallow.

The key is to ‘listen’ to what they say about what they believe about Jesus Christ. The better you know the truth about Jesus and the Gospel, the better you’ll be at spotting a false preacher or teacher.

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GraceLife Thoughts – Identifying False Teachers
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GraceLife Thoughts – Identifying False Teachers

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