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Grab Your Media Pack!

By Ajfitz @theajwriter

This is the kind of life I always imagined for myself; traveling to other countries and writing. I love to travel, but it is good to have a reason as to why you are traveling. I always find that this way, you are more likely to find unusual, less touristy destinations, that you may never have discovered unless you are traveling for work. This weekend I am in Salou in Spain, just an hour away from Barcelona. I am the Copy Editor of the Paintball Magazine and we are here to cover the big international paintball games, called the Millennium Series.

Salou, Spain

It has been great catching up with a few people I met at the last Millennium Series in France last year. A writers life can be a very solitary existence, so it is great to get the opportunity to get out and interview people for magazine articles…and I find people are always happy to talk to the media!


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