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GPSYMTH Interview

Posted on the 24 February 2012 by The Otter Beats @theotterbeats
GPSYMTH (Gipsy Moth) is a new artist out of the United States. His sound is dream pop mixed with bedroom noise. “I believe some other people have likened me to Baths, Memory Tapes, and even Bjork. All of which are extremely flattering.” States GPSYMTH about his overall sound. It is true as you begin to explore his music you get a sense as to where his roots are.

GPSYMTH Interview

{Dream pop sounds from GPSYMTH}

Everyone has their models and for this young talent it is no different. “It’s bizarre, actually, because I would say that my largest inspirations do not sound like the music that I make... a lot of my motivation is stimulated by bands that wouldn’t necessarily fall within the “dream pop” genre.” Interesting as it is always refreshing to see where an artist takes their shape. “If I had to narrow them down though, I would certainly say that my primary idols are Mew, Portugal the Man, and Sigur Ros.” I am very much interested in seeing the mash and clash of styles as he begins to form his music.
Look for an EP later on this year, with no set release date. GPSYMTH also plans to work in some live shows as well but no solid plans as of yet. “I do have a knack for lights and visuals though, so I might try to arrange something.” Exciting news as he begins to metamorphosis into the artist within.
This modest artist leaves us with some insight about being recognized. “I personally define “discovered” as having new people listen to your music. I must admit that getting people to investigate your music can be tough, especially considering that I loathe the idea of forcing my friends to listen. When new listeners actually enjoy it, however, I feel completely fulfilled.” Indeed a wise statement as the first step to becoming an artist is getting people to care enough about listening to your product, as with any other product! Check out the song Brewster below and enjoy the melodic style of GPSYMTH, Happy Listening.

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