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GPS Tracking of All Newly Sold Vehicles Possible. Decision Forthcoming on Increased Govt Spying.

Posted on the 03 January 2014 by Easytracgps @EasyTracGPS

A decision should be coming shortly from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding GPS-style tracking of all newly sold vehicles. On the surface, the the purpose of the technology would be to enable “smart” cars to communicate in the event of an imminent collision. But, as a result, people’s movements would be tracked whenever they went in their vehicle. The implications of this program are just another example of potential government spying, and are scary indeed.

Under the guise of “accident prevention” and “highway safety”, the federal government is considering a smart car program that would allow the GPS tracking of all newly sold vehicles. The idea is to require all newly manufactured autos to be sold with vehicle-to-vehicle communications, or V2V for short. In the event of possible collision, a warning could be communicated between vehicles, thereby alerting the drivers to take evasive maneuvers. On the surface, a noble thought process. But, what lies beneath the surface?

By exploiting the GPS tracking portion of the technology, the federal government can then tax drivers by monitoring their miles driven. Driving habits can also be monitored, driving violations recorded, and tickets can suddenly be mailed to unsuspecting citizens. To make matters worse, the cost of the “smart car” technology will simply be added to the sticker price of all new vehicles. Meaning, ordinary Americans will be paying out of their own pocket to have their civil rights violated. Not to mention the threat of hacking into the entire communications grid, which has the potential for disastrous consequences.

EasyTracGPS is a GPS tracking provider and, as such, understands the awesome benefit of the technology…if deployed responsibly. But, to even consider using the technology for these nefarious purposes is beyond comprehension. And, to propose this program under the guise of accident prevention and highway safety is, at best, an insult. Our eyes are out for any updates, and we will be sure to post on any developments.


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