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GOTW: Five Dollar Shake Advent Calendar

By Remielund @remsluxuryblog

Everyone should have an advent calendar and today there’s more choice than ever with fabulous beauty calendars (with fabulously high price tags) gracing every shelf. I’m quite (very) demanding when it comes to Advent Calendars and some years I feel down right cheated. I’ll never forget the time I bought a Malteaser one only to find out that instead of little balls of deliciousness hiding behind every window there was just Malteaser chocolate moulded into Christmassy shapes. #NOTTHESAME Then there was that year that I bought one for my boyfriend, ate it, replaced it, ate it and replaced it again and then wondered why I couldn’t fit in my LBD. My Mum usually buys me a Hotel Chocolat one but this year I’m trying to stop eating chocolate for breakfast so I’ve picked up this glittery calorie free one from Five Dollar Shake instead!

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Every window reveals a different festive shopping scene. Isn’t that fabulous? There are a number of adorable designs to choose from including a magical forest scene and a glitzy department store design. I went for the shopping one obviously. If you know anyone that works in an office, this is guaranteed to make their desk a little bit festive. If you haven’t heard of Five Dollar Shake before, this post might change your life, or make it a little more sparkly at the very least. They create the most beautiful cards and if you haven’t picked up your pack of Christmas cards yet, these will tickle your fancy. There are cute cards for your boyfriend that aren’t cringy, cute cards for your BFF and even pretty money wallets. You can also find personalised cards here. According to my Christmas countdown app (AKA my new favorite App) Christmas is only 34 days, 1 hour and 7 minutes away! *happy dance*

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GOTW: Five Dollar Shake Advent Calendar

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