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Gossip And Rumors

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

file0002052163230Ignorance is a sickness. As well as jealousy and envy. And there are a lot of sick people all through out the world.

People are always going to go around talking about other people especially when they do not know what they are talking about.

Lies and deceit have been going on ever since the beginning of time.

People lie and spread gossip for a number of reasons. Most of the time it is due to the fact that they have idle minds or nothing else to do with their lives.

Rumors are often made up by certain people out of jealousy, ignorance, revenge, hatred, spite, fear and so on.

In most cases people are more ready to believe a lie than they are to believe a truth. A lie will spread faster than the truth. And that is so sad in this society that we live in.

A lot of people want to hear and believe the worst about other people.

Why do people who belong within this particular category even care? Why are they so worried and fascinated when it comes to the lives of other people? Why are they not more preoccupied and more concerned about what is actually taking place in the lives of their own?

I personally have always been a very confident and secure person who had something going on for herself and never cared or indulged in the involvement of false accusations or assumptions against other people.

I am a person who loves and lives by the truth.

If I ever thought or felt something about an individual I would not hesitate to tell them to their face. I am very straightforward and I speak my mind.

I do not-and have never had any time to play any silly games.

Whatever I accurately perceive, observe, hear, or acknowledge behind someone’s back I can and will admit to their face. And I appreciate the same mode of conduct even though most people rarely have the dignity and courage to do so. Those who are upfront and not afraid would at least get my respect.

When I once told someone a long time ago that I did not understand why some people cannot stay out of other peoples business because I do not worry or care about what is going on with anybody else but myself-I was told exactly “Well, you are rare”.


The same people who will go around gossiping and spreading rumors are the same type of people who cannot handle being talked about.

They are all quick and ready to run their mouths when it is in regards to what they feel or hear about another person but just let someone come along speaking ill about them. Especially when what is being said about them is the complete truth.

A lot of people cannot deal with the truth. The truth is powerful. And way more effective than any lie.

Rumors and gossip does affect many people. It sometimes brings them down. Whether the talk is true or false.

There are different situations and circumstances and everyone has their own perspectives on what bears significance within themselves, within their lives, and within this society.

I on the other hand consider gossip and rumors a bunch of pathetic nonsense that I am unaffected by. The lies, misconceptions, insinuations, and ignorance of others have absolutely no major impact on my life.

We all go through some kind of negativity some time or another within our lives and we will always continue to experience conflict with other people.

Insecure people and people who were not on my level mind-wise could not understand why I was never disturbed by the things that may have been said at and about me, and rumored around, at times when certain incidents had occurred in my life.

There were times when people were intentionally trying to bring me down by spreading malicious gossip on account of their jealousy and envy towards me. And some because they just did not like me.

I honestly did not care one bit. And my attitude showed within my actions.

I kept doing whatever it was in my life that I wanted to do. I did not change my ways or my personality. If anything I got even stronger and wiser within my mental and spiritual state of being.

The things that were being done to me and said about me was more of a reflection on the ones who were spreading, encouraging, and indulging in the rumors and gossip.

Those things did not actually have anything to do with me or my life.

Yet some even preferred to suggest that I was acting on pretense. Putting up a front regarding the situations. All a bunch of more crap that was a result from their jealousy and disappointment.


They were unable to take away my strength and confidence. And one cannot fake that. I have always been as genuine as they come. A person of substance.

People fear what they cannot scare, control, and understand.

I do not fall for or give into anyone’s illusion or delusion of what they want and consider me to be. And I will not be intimidated into yielding to anybody’s command.

Quite often people-do and accuse other people of the things that they are themselves guilty of-and that do or would bother them.

So what the situation all comes down to is troubled people.

Those in particular who have serious issues that are deeply rooted within themselves. Psychological problems and pressures that sometimes originate from childhood that they have failed to overcome.

And some people are just born a specific way.

There are all kinds and types of people and many different reasons behind why they are and act out the way that they do.

The most important thing is for one to take care of one’s own self and well being in life. Keeping on. Moving on. Going on. Staying strong. Staying healthy.

Never letting or allowing the disparages and negativity of others to define, misrepresent, and defeat who we really are. To do so would be very foolish.

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