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Gorgeous Rustic Beach Wedding in Sifnos | Michelle & Fotis

By Eleni Balkouli @Love4Wed

Today’s wedding will transfer us to a beautiful summer day in Sifnos! Michelle and Fotis traveled from America to seal their love with a Greek island wedding enjoying a magical view of the deep blue sea and the picturesque streets of Sifnos. The big day was full of emotions and the lovely couple was so happy surrounded by all their friends and relatives who had traveled so far to be near them on their special day. The bride was so gorgeous at the side of her future husband, wearing a flowy wedding dress with glamorous details. Their wedding decoration followed a rustic beach style and the big day was enriched with blue and green hues, highlighting the natural beauty of the landscape in a unique way. See every special moment of this wonderful couple through the following photos and feel absolutely transported to this idyllic location…
Captured beautifully by Mindart Photography

gorgeous-rustic-beach-wedding-sifnos_01 gorgeous-rustic-beach-wedding-sifnos_02

The bride shared with us: “Fotis is originally from Athens, Greece and I am originally from San Francisco, California. We met and became friends while we were studying at graduate school in England and started dating almost a year later. We were long distance for almost four years after that (he in Scotland and I in California) before I moved to Scotland. About a year after I moved to Scotland, he proposed on a hike in Glen Coe, Scotland in a gorgeous valley (called The Lost Valley) with no one else around! It was pretty amazing. We started out heading to hike somewhere else and there was a road closure, so we couldn’t get there. Fotis, who luckily always has a contingency plan, said we should hike anyway and he knew of another hike we could go to about an hour away. Was I up for it? YES! Always! (although curious why he was so insistent on going hiking that particular day, I also thought that it was a semi-rare warm blue-sky and sunny day in Scotland, so it made sense we should go out of our way to make sure we hike). It was a beautiful hike up, and up, and up alongside a perfectly clear blue stream and when we got to the top of the narrow trail, we ended up at this opening to a valley, surrounded by green mountains and somehow completely alone on this perfect day. We walked into the valley and partway up one of the mountains protecting it where he dropped to his knee beside a stream and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes, and that was that! A few months later we moved again, this time to Houston, TX and did most of our wedding planning from there”.


“I found my wedding dress (it was a Sottero Gwenyth) at Designer Exchange, in Austin, TX which was a wonderful experience. The dress is so unlike anything I thought I would choose as I tend to have much simpler tastes and don’t tend to dress up much. It was altered and fitted by Heather Gabriel of The Singing Seamstress in Houston, TX and she did a phenomenal job of adding some color that I asked for along the hem and straps, changing the style of the neckline and straps, and making it fit well. My mother, my grandmother, and my aunts helped cement my choice by telling me that it would pick up the colors of the sunset (our ceremony was at 6:30pm).”


“We kept the style pretty casual (think rustic beach) with our colors falling in the range of sea glass blues and greens.”


“There were so many great moments! Other than actually marrying Fotis: Walking across the beach with family and friends and looking up and seeing Fotis and his family and friends at the top of the hill looking at us from the church. I remember thinking how wonderful it was that I was sandwiched between almost every one of my favorite people in the world and how insanely amazing it was that they were there that day (some of them had traveled thousands of miles for a pretty short stay). Also looking back behind me as I walked up the steps to the church and seeing so many of my favorite people walking up behind me. And, of course, in addition to so many other wonderful friends and family making such a long journey, my 88-year-old grandmother making the trip to Sifnos from Austin, Texas to be there was pretty indescribably special. So, in summary: having such wonderful people in our lives that moved mountains to be there that day and being able to appreciate the meaningfulness in such a wonderfully beautiful place was pretty surreal.”


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