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Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding with Dried Flowers and Marsala Peonies│ Athina & Stephanos

By Eleni Balkouli @Love4Wed

Marsala is a color that continues to inspire, and we’ve never seen it look so good as it does paired with dried botanical flowers in today’s outdoor wedding! This lovely couple said I do under a wooden full moon arch decorated so beautifully by the floral designer Elpida Salouka which created the most wonderful setting that immediately draws the eye and stirs the imagination. From the mermaid Justin Alexander wedding dress and the lovely bridal bouquet with marsala peonies to the romantic outdoor wedding ceremony, we promise you this wedding will take your breath away!

gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_01 gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_01x

“I trusted my floral designer Elpida Salouka and the result was absolutely stunning! The wedding arch decorated with marsala peonies was wonderful! My bridal bouquet and the golden candlesticks were perfect, just like I had dreamed of!”

gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_02 gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_02A

“My wedding dress was from Justin Alexander. I loved it from the very first minute, I was impressed with the lace embroideries and the open back, it was everything I had dreamed of!”

gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_03A gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_04 gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_05

“The most special moment of my wedding day was when I saw Stephanos smiling at me while he was waiting for me at the church and also I enjoyed our wedding party!”

gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_06 gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_07

“I was following the wedding blog Love4weddings and helped me a lot with the planning of our wedding, finding inspiration and ideas for our wedding decoration. From the wedding blog Love4weddings I found my talented floral designer Elpida Salouka!”

gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_08 gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_09

Bride’s Advice: “Every bride should enjoy her wedding day without any stress!”

gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_10 gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_11 gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_13 gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_14 gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_14x gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_16 gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_17 gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_18 gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_19 gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_20 gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_23 gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_23x gorgeous-outdoor-wedding-dried-flowers-marsala-peonies_24

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