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GOP Votes To Bar CNN, NBC From Hosting Republican Debates

Posted on the 16 August 2013 by Polliticstoday @polliticstoday

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Here’s something funny to start your day with.  The Republican National Committee voted today to bar cable networks CNN and NBC from hosting any of the 2016 Republican Party presidential debates.  This decision stems from the networks plans to air a Hillary Clinton miniseries that would air when Hillary Clinton makes a decision about her future plans.

However, this seems a bit too knee-jerk, even by the Republican Party’s lofty standards. Given the fact that the Republican Party looks worse the longer their spokespeople talk; this seems to be their idea of a clever way to limit the amount of debates.  Let’s face it, it can only hurt them to trot out Ted Cruz and Chris Christie (who are destined to throw down when placed in the same room together) to a national audience a few times per month.

Again, this looks to be damage control by the party because they believe if they limit the amount of time their candidates are seen; the better off they will be.  They are hoping to avoid any missteps by favored candidates (who I’d bet are Christie, Marco Rubio and maybe Scott Walker) but to also hide their insurrectionist candidates (Rand Paul, Cruz, Rick Santorum).

I wouldn’t be shocked if, since Fox News is the only other major network (but I’d love to see Al Jazeera do it just to imagine how many nationalistic heads would explode) that apparently the RNC is comfortable alongside.  I can picture them picking Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace moderating to give them an air of legitimacy (non-controversial hosts) and keeping it that way.

Will they boycott the networks though?  I try to think of how I would feel if CNN decided to air a documentary on say, Jeb Bush or even Chris Christie before determining if it would be a good idea to follow through.  But then again, I’m of the belief that the more debates the better (I’m alone in this probably) as people need to get as much exposure to candidates as possible and I need more things to write about.

Nonetheless, the boycott of CNN and NBC (librrullllll media?) is nothing that is all too shocking from Reince Priebus and his cohorts.  I will be more shocked if they follow through on it though, regionalizing your party isn’t exactly a great way to nationalize it; right?

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