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GOP Scraps Plan B

Posted on the 21 December 2012 by Real Talk @talkrealdebate2012
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Official portrait of United States House Speaker (R-Ohio). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows of my frustration with elected officials.  Their inability to understand the meaning of the word ‘compromise’ has led this great nation into the brink of falling of the proverbial  “fiscal cliff.”  Trying to understand the complexities of their egos is a migraine in the making.  If I’m not careful I might pull out the rest of my receding hairline.

This game political leaders are playing is simply childish and embarrassing.  The only thing they’ve managed to uphold is the one that swears they pass legislation in their best interests.  To the hell with America’s social programs, defense and other governmental programs that will be sequestered in 12 days.  As long as our Congress and President maintain their benefits who cares about the rest of the country.  At least that’s my interpretation from this debacle of a negotiation. 

Speaker John Boehner has proposed a plan that he coined “Plan B.”  The plan would concede tax rate increases on taxpayers earning in excess of a million dollars.  With that concession the plan asks for more cuts in spending, in particular to social security and Medicare.  The president countered in asking for a $400,000 threshold (an increase from his initial $250k offer).  President Obama said he’d veto Boehner’s plan.  It apparently isn’t comprehensive enough.  Today, the GOP scraped the plan because they figured out that there wouldn’t be enough Republican support to pass the bill (pathetic if you ask me).

Both parties blame the other (big surprise!).  Both parties state the other isn’t seriously taking this prospective calamity.  I think both parties aren’t taking these negotiations seriously.  If they really were worried, they’d have a deal by now.

The unfortunate truth is that I am not surprised by this impasse.  The same thing happened in the summer of 2011.  Why would it change now?  We basically have the same leaders.  Why should Democrats risk angering a part of their base when they can continue to control the narrative?  They can say that the Republicans are the ones blocking any progress?  And why would Republicans risk losing support from stout conservative voters when they just were reelected by them?

Far too many times our leaders solely think of their reelection prospects (a reason why I’ve supported non-consecutive term limits).  They cower behind traditional party platforms.

I think Americans are forgetting a very key component as to why these negotiations have soured.  As I’ve said before, why should politicians care about the fiscal cliff when their entitlements are guaranteed?

The answer sadly is that they shouldn’t.  They shouldn’t because they somehow miraculously continue to win reelection bids.

Why should they care if Americans don’t care?

I say that in that Americans express their nonchalance to our fiscal problems when they fail to keep our politicians accountable for their decisions.

What do you think?

Do you think a deal will get done?

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