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GOP Is Still Beating A Dead Horse (ACORN)

Posted on the 02 August 2013 by Jobsanger
GOP Is Still Beating A Dead Horse (ACORN) (Image is from the Photobucket page of RosaBella75.)
It makes no sense, but the House Republicans have once again added a provision to the latest Department of Defense appropriations bill that says none of the money appropriated "may be distributed to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) or its subsidiaries".
Why does it make no sense? Because ACORN doesn't exist, and since it doesn't exist, it can't have any subsidiaries. The group disbanded in early 2010 -- which means it has not existed for more than three years now. But that hasn't stopped the Republicans from defunding that nonexistent organization in each of those three years.
When asked why the GOP keeps defunding an organization that no longer exists, a spokesperson for Speaker Boehner said, "These provisions are typically carried every year in appropriations bills."
Frankly, that makes no sense. Does that mean they just "cut and paste" from previous bills without any regard for change or reality? That sounds to me like a pretty silly way to write a bill -- especially a bill as important as an appropriations bill.
I suspect they are just playing to their base voters -- knowing that most of their teabagger base is not smart enough (or is too ill-informed) to know that ACORN disbanded years ago. Hating ACORN was a good tool for the GOP to whip up their base back in 2008 (with false accusations of impropriety), and they're just not willing to give it up.
I'd like to suggest they also consider defunding the Society for the Preservation of Multi-Colored Unicorns (SPMCU), and the Equal Rights for Fairies and Gnomes Association (ERFGA). I'm sure they could save just as much money by refusing to give money to these also imaginary groups.

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