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GOP Has No Rational Alternative To The Iran Agreement

Posted on the 06 August 2015 by Jobsanger
GOP Has No Rational Alternative To The Iran Agreement
GOP Has No Rational Alternative To The Iran Agreement
These images may strike you as rather harsh. They aren't. The Republicans (and a few Democrats) in Congress have been complaining loudly that the agreement with Iran is a bad one, and won't work. They are saying they are going to vote against the agreement. But I have yet to hear any of those politicians offer an alternative to giving the agreement a try.
That's because there are only two alternatives -- and both of them are bad. We either back off and let Iran make a nuclear bomb, or we go to war with Iran. Personally, I don't want to see either of those things happen. But I suspect that many Republicans are counting on doing the latter -- going to war with Iran. They (or their children) won't have to do any of the fighting and dying -- that will be done by poorer Americans of all colors. And they don't care, because their corporate buddies will make a ton of money off a new war -- just like they have done in Iraq and Afghanistan.
They will try to tell you that we should just continue the sanctions until we can get a better deal. But they won't tell you the truth about that. Those sanctions are gone -- unless Iran violates the agreement. The truth is that we were not the only nation that negotiated this agreement. The other nations want to give the agreement a chance to work -- and they are NOT going to retire the sanctions just because our Congress is stupid enough to refuse to approve the agreement.
I can understand anyone being uncomfortable with this agreement. After all, diplomatic efforts are rarely perfect, and sometimes they are not honored by both parties. It is possible that Iran will not live up to this agreement. But we must give it a chance. There really is no alternative but war (or letting Iran have a nuclear bomb).

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