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Google Will Open gTLDs. Search. Cloud. Blogs And. App for Each User

Posted on the 18 April 2013 by Aryanbd1 @thearyanbd
Last year, Google spent U.S. $ 18.7 million to acquire control of gTLDs general form (generic top-level domains - gTLDs) such as. Search. Map. Blogs. Cloud. Today, Google has made ​​it clear that they will be open to companies and external services using the same gTLD domain name is not as concerned exclusively occupied by a number of companies. In a letter to ICANN - the agency responsible for data management and global domain name - Google confirmed that it is working with the community related to the aforementioned domains to develop "standards techniques "in order to better serve the top-level domain used in the Web world.
Google Will Open gTLDs. Search. Cloud. Blogs and. App for each user
Communion is all about Google's plans for. search. Accordingly, the company will take. Search on a domain name "no dot" (dot-less), which http://search. When users visit here, they will be redirected to other search services according to her. To do this, Google is expected to apply "simple techniques" and "provide a unified interface to perform queries across the many different search companies". Any service provider can also search register with Google. Google said that the task of. Search is "to provide a space domain helps Internet users to easily locate and take advantage of the search feature on your choice."
It should be noted that in addition to the remaining Amazon Google, dot Now Limited and also apply for the right to use this domain name. No intention of the other firms will turn out.
On the part. Blogs. Cloud and. App, Google says "will simple and easy to use the register. Blogs connect this domain with the two-level domain of your blog by using property". Of course, blogging platform selected by users according to Google but do not force anything. Domains. Cloud similar to that, it will be granted to those companies or individuals who want to operate the cloud platform. Google Mail has said it is "working on a set of technical standards to allow users to connect domain names. Blogs on his blog at the time to register." With. App, Google is expected to limit only for "the development community involved," but does not specify use of the platform or operating system specific.
Currently, only 22 existing gTLD domain name (you can see a list of 22 current gTLD domain name), but with the ICANN allows companies and organizations to register their own gTLD for $ 185,000 / the profile, we can see hundreds or thousands of new TLDs in operation in time to that. app. search. google. blogs are examples.

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