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Google Turns 18 ! Googlle ~ and Goat Employees !!

Posted on the 27 September 2016 by Sampathkumar Sampath
Goats are stout-bodied mammals with horns and cloven hooves. There are two types of goats: domestic goats (Capra hircus), which are raised and bred as farm animals; and mountain goats (Oreamnos americanus), which live in steep, rocky areas.   ~ such knowledge is easily delivered everyday by Google and the ones you are looking at are not mere pets – b u t – employees !! Google turns 18 !  Googlle   ~ and goat employees !! Before we do a search on Google, today you will notice balloons and celebrations – the  company is showing everyone a cute, celebratory doodle on 27 September to mark the company’s coming-of-age. It shows Google’s “G” blowing up a balloon to spell out the rest of its name – but blowing it up too much, and being carried off into the sky.   Welcome to adulthood, Google! The tech giant is celebrating its 18th  birthday with this  festive, balloon-filled Doodle by artist Gerben Steenks. Google is celebrating its birthday on September 27, and has done since 2006, but no one quite knows why -- not even Google. In 2005, it celebrated its birthday on September 26, and in 2004 and 2003 respectively, the date was September 7 and September 8.  However, the first Google birthday Doodle in 2002, to celebrate the company's fourth birthday,  went live on September 27. Yet there is nothing in Google's history to indicate any of these dates are important. Larry Page and Sergey Brin registered the Google domain on September 15, 1997, and the company was incorporated on September 4, 1998. Google turns 18 !  Googlle   ~ and goat employees !! Whatever it be in  18 years, Google has become one of the biggest companies on the web, second only to Amazon.  Google is now officially an adult.  It is stated that the  idea for Google began years earlier in 1996, as a research project at Stanford University, when Page and Brin had a new idea for a search engine that would rank pages by how many other sites linked to it, rather than the crude format others used at the time - ranking them by how often the search term appeared on the page. Google alluded to confusion over its birthday in 2013, admitting it had celebrated its birthday on four different dates, but September 27 now seems to have stuck.  Last year, the company split under a new corporate umbrella, Alphabet, which hived off more outlandish divisions of the company such as its driverless cars unit and robotics subsidiary Boston Dynamics. The change saw its founders move away from Google’s day-to-day running. 18 years after it was founded at Stanford University, Google is one of the world's most powerful companies. It is second only to Apple in value, with a market capitalisation of $541bn (£417bn). Page and Brin are ranked 12th and 13th on Forbes' list of the richest people in the world. Some reports state that  Google is already feeling death breathing down its neck – or is worried that it might. The company’s campus has a huge model of a T-Rex skeleton, which is meant to remind employees not to let the company go extinct.  When Chrome doesn’t have an internet connection, it will show a warning about not being able to connect, alongside a picture of a little dinosaur. adds that, if  you press the space bar when that’s showing, it will start a game where you run along as the dinosaur, jumping over any obstacles by pressing the space bar again. The game will last forever, because all of the obstacles are generated by the code. Now to the goats at the start. Google’s headquarters are big, and lots of it is green. So much of it is grass that it would need a lot of lawnmowers – but Google has a novel way around that. Instead of gas-powered machines, Google hires a load of goats to clear the fields around its campus. They visit for about a week at a time, and about 200 of them come to much up the Google grass. If you had noticed the spelling mistake in Googlle – in Sept. 2009,  the search giant's name appeared with an extra letter "l" on its home page, a change that did not escape the notice of the internet. Within hours of the new logo going live, "why is google spelt wrong" and "why does google have two ls" were two of the most popular search phrases on the web.  It was to mark its 11th birthday ! With regards – S. Sampathkumar
27th Sept. 2016.

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