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Google Tries to Patent Laser Projection System to Control Project Glass

Posted on the 17 January 2013 by Ningauble @AliAksoz

While we are very excited about Google’s Project Glass, the best method of controlling it is still open to debate. Google is very serious with expanding its Project Glass capabilities. What we have here is a good example of that. They are now applying to patent a virtual touchpad projected onto limbs and other everyday surfaces, specifically in relation to the project.



The system will use a small laser projector mounted on the arm of the glasses to beam out keyboard and other buttons, the built-in camera and the processor will try to interpret finger movements in the region of those buttons.

Sounds neat. All they need is a way to recognize the finger movements without requiring the user to actually look towards the projected image.



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By Greg Madison
posted on 17 January at 23:52

I was a finalist in the Microsoft Imagine Cup with this project in 2009, just before the 6th Sense came out. Ironically, it is called the 7th Sense.The concept is very similar to mine!