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Google Translate Finally Gets Offline Support on Android!

Posted on the 11 April 2013 by The_kian @the_kian
Hey Guys,
So I'm sure at some point in your lives, you have been abroad and struggled with the language. What is the solution?? A phrasebook may seem useful, but you won't seem fluent. And using for phone for Google Translate will incure major roaming fees, until now...
Google have sent out an update for their Google Translate app that allows you to translate languages OFFLINE!!!
As long as you own an Android phone with 2.3 or up, you can grab the updated app from Google Play and translate 50 different languages offline to your will. You’ll need to download the desired language pack first to use it without a connection, so plan ahead before you leave, and once you’ve got them saved to your phone, you won’t need to scramble around for a free Wi-Fi hotspot again just to ask a local where the IT cafe is, or the cheese shop.
Google says that the offline translation dictionary is slightly less comprehensive than any online result, but it should still prove useful and help you in a situation where you need to ask someone directions or try and have a conversation.
So, will you be using this useful feature, or do you have an iOS device? Share your opinions in the comments below!!

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