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Google Suddenly Stop Sending Visitors To Your Blog? Try This Steps

Posted on the 24 October 2013 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

Some days back – I was doing my normal blog promotion routine, I saw a question over at yahoo answer that spark my interest and the question goes like – “Why Google has suddenly stopped sending visitors to my blog”. This is one hot question that deserves a post, don’t you think? And because I know that many others out there are looking for an answer to this same question, so I’ll just drop my part here :) .


If one day you stop getting traffic from Google or the latest update hit your blog, then you might fix the problem by following the below steps. But if your blog or its post is not showing on Google or other search engines, then your blog might have been blacklisted due to illegal activity(s) from your end


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You can fix a blacklisted blog but that is not our topic for today, right? our topic is how to bring your lost blog back to all search engines radar. So let’s start the show with my fresh lists

. And the number one on my list is;

Re-submit your blog sitemap to your webmaster:

Do you know that it is advisable to submit your sitemap to Google and bing webmaster once a week or so? But have you done that lately? I guess not

. I do know that search engine crawlers and bot do come to our site but at the same time, it is good to show them that we are well structured and also let them know that we are consistent.

Now to my advice – if you are using wordpress as your blogging platform, I will advise you to get a plugin called “Google xml sitemap”. It automatically creates a sitemap for your blog anytime you make a new post or changes… just take your sitemap url and submit it to Google and bing webmaster. Within 24hours, Google bot will be all over your blog


This method helps your organic traffic grow and if you’ve been hit, this might put you back up


Check and clean your blog for broken links:

Believe it or not – broken links and error redirecting pages can land your blog in trouble. If your blog has error pages, with time it will make your blog automatically lose its rank in searches. And we all know that broken link is a disease and we also know what will happen if we have so many broken links in our blog.

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My simple advice – first search for the broken links in your blog and take your time to delete the broken links. There are some few plug-ins that can search for broken links for you, but if you’re that type that don’t want to add anymore plug-in to your arsenal, you can use an online broken link checker. I use “Broken link checker” to check for broken links.

To correct your error pages or post, go to Google webmaster >>> in the “Crawl Errors” section, you will see what page(s) is giving error when Google crawler or bot visits you. Try to correct the pages or post and after correcting it, go back to your webmaster and click “Mark as fixed”.

Speed Up your blog web and mobile view:

I hate slow site, you hate slow site, Google hate slow site, all search crawlers and bots hate slow site. Tell me, who would want to spend his/her precious bandwidth to a slow site that might take forever to open?

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If a search crawler comes to your slow blog and it takes too long to index your site, it will leave without saying goodbye

. So it is good to speed up your blog. While you’re at it, here are some best ways to speed up your blog…

Also it is good to optimize your site for your mobile users. I did here (forgot where i read it) that Google will be removing sites that are not mobile friendly from mobile search results.

So my advice is to get a mobile theme to make your site faster on mobile platforms or use a responsive theme. And please do note that all search engines have a mobile crawler so doing that is an added advantage.

Join the social network power house:

Sometime, it might be that Google crawlers are finding it hard to crawl your blog. We all know that popular sites get faster indexing than average sites, that’s why we want popular sites to link back to us.

But the thing is – you can also make your blog get faster indexing as well. Did you ask how? You can simply get faster indexing by religiously posting your contents on your Facebook timeline, tweet and Google+.  And also encourage your blog readers to share your content on the mentioned social networks as well.

Doing this your blog will be indexed within 24 hours. But it will take a while to index the whole of your blog posts except your blog is new and has just 20 posts


Don’t engage in illegal blog activities.

Most new bloggers don’t know the do and don’t in traffic generation. They believe every traffic source is valid so they close their ears so they won’t listen or hear what you’re saying. After some time, they’re site gets swipe out of all search engines and before you know it, they’ll come back to you seeking advice.

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Now here is the thing;

→ Spamming is dangerous for your blog

→ Building backlinks from spam sites is bad for your blogs health

→ Accepting spam comments and trackbacks is bad for your site health

→ Getting automated clicks is bad for your site health

→ What else should I add?

The thing is when blogging, do it with clean mind, do it because you love it and do it because of your goal. You indulge in bad activities, your site is going down…

My advice – Don’t do evil, try to work hard and smart to get real time web traffic. Because real traffic stays for a longer period of time but automated traffic stays for just a minute or seconds.

If you don’t know it, don’t do it:

I see many bloggers trying out things they don’t know and at the end, it back fires at them. The thing is – many new bloggers hears that seo can boost ones traffic, so without proper knowledge, understanding or tutorial, they practice seo on their blog. After a while, they stop receiving organic traffic.

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It is good to tryout stuff yourself but it is better to always seek guidance when you truly or fully don’t understand what you’re doing so when you go wrong, they can always put you back on track.

Back to you

It looks like I have said so much about so much, now it’s time to hand the keyboard to you guys


What other reasons can you add to the many reasons I have given? If you have any, do use the comment box below to drop them.

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Do you have comments, questions and thoughts you’d love to share with us? Then please do, by using the comment box below. Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcome and most appreciated.

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