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Google Standing Firm on European De-Listing Requests As It Pertains to

Posted on the 16 October 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains


Tech Crunch is out with a piece on Google refusing to extend the European search de-lising rules to, currently requests made can only remove the information from Google.europeancctld. So it really is a cat and mouse game being played here. You could get your de-listing request approved and no longer show in for example, but that info would be found using So anyone wanting to do a complete search would make sure to use in addition to their local European cctld.

From the article:

Google’s Eric Schmidt has held the line against extending European search de-listing requests to Google’s .com domain.

As it stands, successful requests made by private individuals under the ruling for information to be de-indexed by Google in a search associated with their name are only implemented by Google on European sub domains, such as or, not on

And that’s not about to change, according to comments made by Schmidt today — presumably unless Google is compelled to expand de-indexing to .com by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the future.

It’s one of several problematic loopholes with Google’s implementation of the ECJ ruling, which was handed down in May. Problematic since it undermines the intended impact of the ruling by allowing for a simple workaround (i.e. searching on to circumvent a de-listed search result on a private individual’s name.

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