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Google’s Penguin 2.0 Update Near Release: Plausible “after-effects” on Blogging

Posted on the 07 May 2013 by Abhinavblog

Google’s Penguin 2.0 update near release: Plausible “after-effects” on BloggingIt is a well known fact that back links are build through blogging the most. Even guest blogging is becoming more and more popular for getting a wide platform so that availability of varied blogs to post their articles containing back links there. Even the owners of those blogs get lot of email requests for guest posting.

Unlike most of those old fashioned SEO techniques, guest posting will still going to work even after the release of Google Penguin update of their SERP ranking. This is due to the changing trend in the link building in guest posts.

In accordance to survive in this rapidly updated link bombing updates by Google you must have to prepare for the changing scenario. Here are some tips how you would be transit through it easily.

With the rumors going around, here is what I have concluded of all. Penguin is a link quality filter which is at the top of the algorithm. It runs at irregular intervals to filter lethargic sites that use scheming techniques to gain Google SERPs.

With the anguish of webmasters and SEO specialists on the unjustified ruling of Google to take away some fair sites with the main culprits, new update may come with a fair chance of improvement.

In my opinion guest blogging will be affected with a major splash because of back linking. Here is how:

Expected change #1: Social change

It looks really astonishing to use social shares including Facebook likes, Google+ 1’s tweets etc to gain popularity. But some of the SEOs are making use of techniques like Fiverr that increase your tweets, likes, shares and other social signals by an incredible amount on simple payment of $5.

Search engines take data from the social shares and accordingly frame page ranks. This might change, and Penguin 2 will somehow not emphasis on social counts rather than on various share remarks. This will change circumstances for bots driven business of creating unexpected social shares in a while. They might watch upon your own likes and shares of that particular post, so as to ensure if they are greatly produced by you or not.

What to do:

ü  Compose unique and high quality content by self

ü  Share them on your social profiles

ü  Join influential circles to make them share your quality content

ü  Moreover, all of your associated writes should involve their independent sharing

With this you will not need to build links anywhere else. Your inks will expand over the social platforms themselves.

Expected change #2: Evaluation of Authors

It is possible that Google will now work upon the algorithm to trace down posters. No matter where you post, you will be enlisted according to the quality of content you publish. It could create many problems for Google too, but remember they can implement anything as they are committed more towards the internet users than the website owners. Your content will certainly weighed more if it has high quality and great following too no matter where you post your articles.

It is more favorable that Google will devalue authors and posters as well like the spammy sites.

What to do:

ü  Always try to generate new content by self

ü  Make use of tutorial sites for improving your writing if it is to be polished. You can take an idea form Copyblogger and Problogger.

Expected change #3: Undervaluing links on by-lines

We all know that author by-lines are used specifically to add the back links. My instinct says that they [Google] will perhaps devalue these links for fair improvement in rank decision.

What to do:

ü  Don’t go for methods that involve easy link building. You might have to perform back link removal if this update follows my suggestion! always go for content based publishing. You will never have to improve it ever.

ü  Try to involve info-graphics with your posts. Once they are attached to a post, they will represent your work.

Expected change #4: Takeaways

No one can predict the next move [including me!], what will Google imply in their next update. But it is certain that they will curb their handcuffs more tightly for the back linking techniques. For this you will have to reach under the hood of your work and will have to update yourselves prior to the unexpected changes.

  • You need to understand your link profile from depth, and have to rectify some minor mistakes if any. Never take help of link building software’s and sites they can be dangerous and risky too.
  • Your ultimate aim should be link trust. The more quality you add to your articles, the more trust you will gain. They will be liked and shared all over social media.
  • Try to find and build relationships with the sites that have large fan following.
  • Always run back link check and apply for back link removal services for tracing the bad neighborhood that can demolish your reputation.

Make note that every small change through the penguin update can affect your SERP rank considerably. So hope for the worst, prepare for the best!

About the Author

Nisha Pandey is an SEO expert and internet market analytic writing for link removal company. Hobby cum passion for writing has given words to her deep insight in concerned field and introduces benefit of low quality link removal services so that SEOs can make use of it.

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