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Google+ Part of Klout Score

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Have you noticed if you have Google+ that your Klout score probably increased? Klout announced this new feature the other day on their blog and I noticed my Klout score went up 3 points.

Google+ Part of Klout Score
I also noticed last night when trying to show a family member their Klout score that Klout no longer shows them if they are not signed up for Klout. It used to be you could see everyone's Klout score. 
Klout claims they will not take away your points if you are not on Google+ but if you are it will probably add some points into your score. According to Klout they are measuring influence for users who have already connected their Google+ accounts to Klout. Of those users 62% are active on Google+ and therefore should be it affect their scored based on their ability to drive action on that platform.  The average increase in Klout is 2.177. Most users of Google+ are on Facebook and Twitter.
Google+ Part of Klout Score
You can see the chart below how Google+ changes your score if you are on it along with Facebook. There seems to be less of an increase if you add Twitter to the mix. 
Google+ Part of Klout Score Not sure why that is but you can read more on this on Klout's blog.  If you can see why I'd love to know.
Are you active over on Google+? and which network are you the most active on? 

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