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Google Page Rank Update

Posted on the 25 January 2013 by Aryanbd1 @thearyanbd
Google Page rank update
You have updated the Google Page Rank of your blog? Today while looking up WebRank toolbar HHV amazed to see Blog Design PR 3 after 2 months of activation. This can be said to be a miracle and is worth celebrating.
In fact there are so many mixed opinions about PageRank but PageRank algorithm to assess the reliability Google website. A higher PR sites means that it has high reliability. Reliability is evaluated based on the votes, this vote is the backlink.
Such a high ranking site if too many backlinks and backlink quality. The number of visitors per day did not affect PR. So do not be surprised to see that there are pages of people who read a lot but have a higher PR your page.
Why focus on PR
Although PR is one of the 200 + ranking factors but it is tangible elements should also be important. It has a strong impact on the SERP results, the search results page of the search engines. If the same search terms, the results returned will point to your page if your PR is higher because Google thinks your page more reliable.
"Tell me who your friends are. I will tell you how you are. "Which is the principle of human behavior and also the principle of Google PR rating.
To improve PR you need to build up a system of quality backlinks. There are many ways to build quality backlinks, write a guest post, comments in the same content page rank higher, periodically update the blog regularly, writing about the people discussed or content on Google Trends .
Also note that the backlinks from social networking sites such as facebook, twitter ... do not have much effect in increasing PR. These backlinks are nofollow as it only works to increase traffic for your blog only.
Use tricks to increase PR?
The answer is yes and no? You can use the tips to increase the PR class in special cases such as meet some special requirements. VD advertising partners request your page PR is 3, for example.
In the vast majority of the remaining cases you should not use tricks to increase your PR class. Because the "hurdle" is always a dangerous job. Google currently open campaign to purge page SEO excessive. Too many garbage backlink, no value will make your blog suspected of buying and selling backlinks and Google may be purged.
In fact there are websites monotonous content, not the reader but have very high PR makes you feel frustrated because your effort is appreciated. However, you should know that the process of PR is constantly updated your blog from time to time, Google has been quietly evaluating and will update PR in the next update.
Let's work hard and trust Google!

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