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Google Glass UI With Cool Features By Google

Posted on the 18 March 2013 by Aryanbd1 @thearyanbd
Google Glass UI With Cool Features By Google
 Google has performance features and smart glass sample using Google Glass at SXSW Interactive technology conference in Texas (USA), according to news from the Mercury News (U.S.) posted on 13.3.
In addition to being equipped with a small video camera and a microphone, Google Glass also integrated GPS navigation system and can connect to the internet via Wifi waves or Bluetooth connection with a smartphone.
Smart glass Google has the ability to recognize voice commands, as well as read text messages to the user.
At the SXSW conference, taking place from 8.3 to 17.3, Timothy Jordan, Google representatives, has performed a number of applications run on Google Glass, such as the show's news highlights of the day in The New York Times (USA), streamline the application Evernote and popular social network Path.
In addition, Mr. Jordan also introduced features to answer emails and even images of your friends comments posted on social networking sites by a combination of the first movement, voice commands thanks to a touch panel integrated in the headset.
Google representatives have ordered Google to Glass to take a picture, and then use a touch-and-touch panels for publication has taken on his Google+ account.
Jordan also performed using the Gmail app on the Google Glass, which is a letter to Google on the small screen Glass. This position was then composing a reply and send voice requirements.
Google Glass sample will be accompanied by with conventional lenses drugs, Mr. Jordan said.
The technology analysts said, if you want to attract customers, Google needs to build an application store for the Google Glass, similar to the app store for smartphones and tablets.
A recent survey showed that the majority of application developers are excited about designing applications to Google Glass for two years.
Reportedly, Google is expected to officially offer Google Glass in late 2013.
The group also spoke calling for technology development and individual customers register to buy samples first Google Glass for $ 1,500 / unit. Google also said the sale price is less than the official one when offered.

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