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Google Glass, Stuff That I Forgot to Talk About

Posted on the 16 April 2013 by The_kian @the_kian

Hey Guys,
You may have heard of Google Glass before or you may not have. I for one had heard about it a while back but it seems I have forgotten to talk about it her. I apologize about that. As I have not told you anything about it I feel I should do so now.
Google Glass, Stuff That I Forgot to Talk About Google Glass has not been released yet but they are "smart" glasses, so to speak, engineered by our future overlords, Google. This actually revolutionary product that look a lot like sun glasses but have very intelligent Android type features such as video recording, searching, video calling and many other commands.
Google Glass, Stuff That I Forgot to Talk About
The idea is that you have a small, partially transparent screen on the top corner of your glasses and line of view includes that corner. This means you can easily see your navigation route or viewing your calendar just by looking a little to the right. I mean, who doesn't want a virtual computer interface in the corner of your eye? To have more of an insight on what the interface looks and feels like be sure to click here!
Everything operates via voice command and brags it's convenience and mostly awesome. The glasses themselves look quite stylish and they claim to be strong and light. To find more information on what potential it has click right here!
Unfortunately, I've been too late to tell you about this for you to apply for a free pair :( But you can still get involved in the conversation with the hash-tag #ifihadglass, and if you would like to stay informed visit here regularly or fill in the form here!

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